Heardle song of the day: Daily clues & answer(June 22, 2022)

Heardle released another song of the day on June 20, 2022. For players who can’t find the answer, this article provides tips and solutions to song puzzles. After Wordle became popular, several clone games were released in a blink of an eye, taking advantage of the segment.

These include Heardle, Quordle, Nerdle, and even a Pokemon-themed spin-off called Sqwordle. So, Heardle is a game where players need to guess the song of the day and the game has a huge player base.

For the new Heardle player, the game starts with an introduction to the song, and each time the player skips something or makes a wrong guess, another part of the song is unlocked. Players can try 6 times to guess the song correctly every day and share their scores on social media.

For today’s puzzle, I have discussed the hints below along with the answer for Heardle on June 20, 2022.

What is Heardle?

It’s quite obvious nowadays that we all need to relax from time to time, but sometimes it’s difficult. Heardle is a puzzle game that relieves stress and anxiety by distracting you through music and interactive word puzzles. Inspired by Wordle, this game rejuvenates your entire mood with relaxing music and beautiful graphics. But don’t be fooled by that name at any point. Soon you may be able to challenge your friends to play this addictive game.

The heardle game provides clues for playing a relaxed song, but they are twisted when playing exciting mixed music and are very difficult to guess. You get 6 chances, which is great because most relaxing games don’t draw your attention after too many chances. However, Heardle keeps you hooked to the end!

The heardles are randomly selected from a large pool of famous musicians. Music games were originally created for a small number of people but quickly spread to millions of users. Like Wordle, it keeps track of the number of games played, wins, and current and best streaks. You can also post the results on social media.

Where can you play it?

The game is only available on its official website. There is no specific application for it. The site releases a new song every day at midnight, just like Wordle and everyone predicts the same song every day.

To listen to the start of the song, click or tap on the play button. Use the search section to search out the proper music for you. Choose your preferences, then type “Submit”. You will know if your prediction is wrong or right. The game is over if you cannot guess the song correctly in six attempts.

Heardle song hints:

Heardle completely mixes the songs. Players could get a new song first and a song even from the 1970s in the next turn. This makes it really difficult for players to maintain a winning streak for long.

The hints to guess the correct song include the following:-

Hint 1: The creator of this song from an American R&B band which was released on June 4, 1979
Hint 2: The song is one of the foremost sampled tunes in music history, particularly in hip hop music.
Hint 3: A reference to Milton Ager’s Happy Days Are Here Again is present in the lyrics of the song.
Hint 4: In late 2015 it was discovered by Nile Rodgers that the song was written taking inspiration from the 1974 Kool & The Gang song Hollywood Swinging.

Hint 5: A very famous lyrical of the song is “Let’s cut the rug, little jive and jitterbug. We want the best, we won’t settle for less. Don’t be a drag, participate. Clams on the half shell and roller skates, roller skates”

Heardle Song June 22, 2022, Answer

Players WHO still haven’t been ready to guess the song using the hints can find the solution to today’s song of the day here:
The song is “Good Times ” by Chic.

Hope this answer helps you maintain your heardle streak and have fun while playing the game.

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