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Hogwarts Legacy: 10 Things fans want the most, According to Reddit

Hogwarts Legacy’s trailer has been dropped by the Developers a few weeks ago. And they have shown up quite pretty details of the game. And now the fans of the Harry Potter series are waiting and hoping for some changes that are going to be a crazy surprise for the fans.

On Reddit, fans keep talking about their expectations and their wishes, or I may say desires for the Hogwarts Legacy game. So let me share some points with you too.

10 Things Fans want from the Hogwarts Legacy

Wizarding World Information

The fans have already very many expectations that most of the things in the game are doable for them. And if the game’s story goes around the new story, and is much before Harry Potter, rules should be more authentic.

Just like all items that are given to them are going to be far more important for them, if the game allows the players to have a different kind of wands in the game, other than what they know about.

This is possible if the wizarding world information is used by the game and most of the players will get different kinds of wands and items as per their personality and understandings.

Cosmetic Wand Customization

People have seen in the Harry Potter series that a wand chooses the wizard. And maybe fans want that the developers may add this too in the game. But the more fantastic will be if the wand also has its personality and characteristics.

As the wizard evolves, the wand also adapts his characters. And there should be some Wand cosmetics settings, which allows all the wizards to give a new look to their wands.

Interactive Class Segments 

Every Harry Potter Fan wants to have an experience of the magic classes of Hogwarts, while wanting to be safe too, funnily.

But as per a game, whole class segments will be difficult, but if they can add small class segments of different types of magic studies, which can boost their growth and stats in the game quickly.

Access to the Black Lake 

All the hardcore Harry Potter fans want to explore Hogwarts at its deepest, darkest secrets by themselves. And all the fans want that at least they get a chance to explore the secret places of Hogwarts and can meet the more deep demons. The trailer just has revealed the secret mystical beasts, but we want more.

Extra-Curricular Activities 

Not everyone likes to enjoy the boring lectures and some players may want to enjoy some extra and exciting activities like the Wizard’s chess, exploring Hogwarts with a broomstick. Players will like to go with their allies around Hogwarts and also for the race from the sky, I mean, you get it.

Add your Flair to your Character and Common Room 

As the game’s trainer told us that the Players can have a different style of outfits too other than the uniform. This can allow us to have good vacations and at least some cool looks.

As we know, the game has a day and night cycle and, according to that, the game should have a weekdays system too. So we want that game should also have the features, with which we can edit the player’s avatar and also the personal section of the common room too.

Interactions with Magical Creatures extends farther than just Cutscenes 

The trailer has revealed that the game has very cute as well as dangerous magical creatures too but, the players may want to evolve their relationship with their pets even more than just feeding them and playing with them.

If just the pets can not involve in the fights and more interactive things and the player can’t interact with their pets, it will just feel like the pets are only for the name.

Diverse Relationship Building Mechanics 

The game has many NPCs other than players, and their stories and interactions also matter in the game’s story. But it will be demanded that the game should have a diverse relationship system, where your one decision should not create your identity as the priest or a very bad person. At least the story should allow the character to make it easy to go on with their decision being biased, with friends and villains.


When the first match was won by Harry Potter in his first movie, every fan wants to fly and win the game. And after so long time, the developers have a chance to give the relieving this exciting mini-game so long. If I just have a chance to win the game and if I can be the MVP in the mini-game and all the things, how cool it will feel. So this will be the most wanted update in the game.

Hope you enjoyed the blog where we shared some most wanted game features every hardcore gamer will want, and if you enjoyed this blog and if you want these features to be in the game, so do comment down and follow us.

Credits: u/Bluestone-The-Great Have a great day, dear gamers. See you soon.

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