Minecraft Rule 34 and Roblox Rule 34 Detailed Explained

If you’re here after reading the title, that means you’re either already tainted, or you’ve embarked on the journey to be tainted. Either way, this article might contain things that aren’t going to be very suitable for minors. So if you are one, considering there are a lot of minors that play Minecraft and Roblox, you’re advised to click away and think that Rule 34 is just another random rule that you don’t need to know anything about.

With that out of the way, I’ll just straight up say it. Rule 34 essentially states that “If it exists, there is porn of it, no exception.” As weird and unreal as this rule sounds, it is entirely the truth. If you see anything that can be turned into pornography on the internet, there’s a very high chance that it already exists somewhere on the World Wide Web.

Rule 34 essentially refers to pornographic encounters on the Internet that can be termed as extreme, weird, unusual, or just overall disturbing. This includes some cartoons or pixel figures displaying genitals and many other things. As you can see, it’s a dark ally to get yourself into.

When it comes to Minecraft or Roblox, you’d think that surely nothing like that can exist for pixelated figures from Minecraft or Lego figures from Roblox, but you’d be extremely wrong. There are probably various “rule 34” type things for both of these games on the internet, more than you’d like to think.

For Minecraft, there are already adult mods like the one we mentioned in our article about Jenny Mod where you can have your own Virtual girlfriend and do…interesting things with her. The same dev has made many such adult mods so it’s not out of the ordinary to have a rule 34 for it. Minecraft rule 34 basically means the same thing as the rule in general, which basically refers to Minecraft Porn.

For Roblox, it’s actually surprising to think that a platform featuring games with Lego figures that are mostly played by teenagers and kids would have a rule 34 exists. But, it does, and it’s out there. There are Rule 34 websites for many Roblox games and it is a very interesting sight.

That will do for Minecraft and Roblox rule 34.

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