Is MLB The Show 22 Coming to PC?

MLB The Show is the latest entry to the long-running baseball game series. The MLB games are released on an annual basis from Sony San Diego and are usually reserved for the PlayStation platforms.

Such annually released sports titles are often met with the criticism of releasing very similar games each year with minimal updates, but it does not change the fact that these sports titles are some of the biggest releases every year.

Like any other sports game MLB series also has a very loyal fanbase who are always excited to see what the next game might have in the store be it major gameplay changes or simple roster updates. But due to the exclusivity of previous entries to the Paystation platform, many baseball fans might have missed out on the MLB fun.

Why MLB 22 is Different?

CRE1315 MLB22 Watermarked Xbox Stills UHD Ohtani Pitching 001 SS

What makes the release of the latest MLB game different is that this time MLB was released on all the major platforms  PlayStation 4 PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, as well as Nintendo, Switch whereas the last few entries were only launched on the PS4.

Since MLB was opening up to other platforms many PC players also expect that they will get to experience the game for the first time on PC. So the question remains whether MLB 22 will be released on PC or not.

Is MLB 22 Coming to PC?

Many users, searching for MLB 22 PC Release date, but this is not confirmed yet. So, Unfortunately, the game has not been yet released to the PC platform and there is no news from the developers about a potential PC release.

But don’t be disappointed yet, many games often get released to different platforms after some time their release and there is a high possibility that players get to play MLB on the PCs.

It is not known why even after being released to multiple platforms for the first time MLB has not yet made its debut on the PC platform.

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