Nobody Saves the World: Best Forms & How to Unlock All Forms

In this guide we will tell you how to unlock different forms in Nobody Saves the World and also rank some characters so you can grind the game and get the best forms to deal damage and easily complete higher-level dungeon.

Nobody Saves the World is about you, Nobody, attempting to save the world from a variety of tragedies that have just resurfaced. DrinkBox Studios, the creators of GUACAMELEE and GUACAMELEE!, developed and published this game. 2.

How to Unlock all Forms?

Currently, these are all the forms that you can unlock while playing the game.

FormsHow to Unlock them?
NobodyDefault Playable Character
RatYou can easily unlock it while playing dungeons
GuardPlay with rat and get to rank C.
RangerPlay with rat and get to rank C.
EggPlay with rat and get to rank B.
HorsePlay with Guard and get to rank C.
MagicianPlay with Guard and get to rank B.
SlugPlay with Ranger and get to rank C.
BodybuilderPlay with Ranger and get to rank B.
TurtlePlay with Horse and get to rank C.
MonkPlay with Horse and Magician and get to rank A.
ZombiePlay with Magician and get to rank C.
MermaidPlay with Slug and get to rank C.
RoguePlay with Slug and Bodybuilder and get to rank A.
GhostPlay with Bodybuilder and get to rank C.
RobotPlay with Zombie, Turtle, and Monk and get to rank C.
NecromancerPlay with Ghost, Mermaid, and Rogue and get to rank C.
DragonPlay with Egg and get to rank S. Similarly play with Robot and Necromancer and get to rank C.
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Ranking the best forms in Nobody Saves the World

  1. Dragon
    • You can easily restore mana with physical attack.
    • With fire breath you can deal light damage.
    • Increases critical attack chance.
  2. Robot
    • Reduced Physical damage.
    • You can restore mana with magical light attack.
    • Target multiple enemies with homing missiles.
  3. Necromancer
    • With damage, heals familiars.
    • Restore mana with magic dark attack.
    • Spawn an explosion dealing dark damage.
  4. Rogue
    • Reduce cooldowns by picking up money.
    • You can restore mana and deal physical damage.
    • Also has stun.
  5. Mermaid
    • Restore mana after dealing damage.
    • Block attack with barrier.
    • Deal water damage by throwing projectlies.

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