Nobody Saves the World: How to level up stats & farm XP Fast

Nobody Saves the World How to level up stats and farm XP

In this guide, we will talk about the best way right now with which you can farm XP and level up stats faster and this method is not affected by different forms that you will definitely use in the game.

Nobody Saves the World is all about you named nobody trying to save the world from various different disasters that have once again started happening. This game is developed and published by DrinkBox Studios who earlier developed GUACAMELEE and GUACAMELEE! 2.

Features of the game

  • Different Forms: You can more than 15 different forms featuring rat, robot, dragon and more.
  • Create Builds: You can combine different abilities to create a more powerfull build.
  • Increasing difficulty: As you level up so does the difficulty of dungeons too.
  • Co-op: You can enjoy this adventure with your friend.
Nobody Saves the World How to level up stats and farm XP

How to level UP?

Form power(FP) is a great factor when it comes to how you are going to level up your forms and their abilities. With Experience Points to you can boost your stats that will help in future missions that become difficult.

When you complete missions you earn XP and FP. Though this method is a little tryhard type where you have to grind and perform well in the missions to earn XP in such amount so you can level up faster.

Note that this method does not help in leveling up the forms but helps in increasing your stats that will help you complete difficult dungeons’ missions easily especially in the late game.

Currently, the best way to farm XP is by doing a mission repeatedly to earn maximum XP. Buy the Infinite Quests item from the traders. You can purchase these for around $300 for each quest.

Since they can have an infinite try, you can earn a large amount of XP by playing them again and again. These quests are super easy to complete like killing some enemies, opening a number of chests, and more.

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