PC vs console gaming: Key advantages to consider before parting with your cash

The debate between PC and console gaming supremacy is nearly as old as the gaming industry itself, with proponents on both sides eagerly defending their favorite gaming system. If you are new to gaming, you may not have had time to decide for yourself which you prefer, or you might be at a crucial crossroads in your gaming life – do you invest in the expensive gaming console or do you splash out on a laptop with heightened gaming capabilities?

While there are pros and cons to both PC and console gaming, hopefully after reading this you will be able to decide for yourself which you prefer.  

Console gaming

Every few years, there is a new level of excitement and media attention that develops within the console gaming world when a new type of console is released. A few years ago, it was the PS5 that got a lot of attention and it is sure to be another console from Xbox soon.

Game development companies continually release new consoles to drum up sales and maintain consumer interest, yet many of them are fairly repetitious. The Nintendo Switch is one of the more innovative consoles to hit the markets in the last few years and is unlike many of its competitors.

So, why do some people prefer console gaming? Console enthusiasts argue that there are more high-quality games available on consoles and that the gameplay is more engrossing because it is on a TV screen, rather than a laptop or desktop.

PC gaming

Although console games used to be more popular, PC games have started to rise in popularity because of their accessibility and the number of games available for PCs. PC gaming is typically cheaper than console gaming because you do not need to buy a console and large screen TV and many of the games are less expensive.

While the graphics are arguably less detailed than those of comparable console games, they are really pretty similar. For the savings of playing PC games, it is difficult to argue that the difference in cost is worth it.

There is a reason why many of the top streamers have started using PC games exclusively – they are cheaper and just as fun to play as console games. Plus, you can create your own battle station.

Gaming and online gambling

Many gamblers are starting to migrate to digital technology when they want to toss the dice, place a few bets or spin the roulette wheel. The good news for those who want to continue gambling online is that it is now possible to gamble both on PC and console devices.

Online casinos and betting platforms are becoming increasingly popular and advanced and there are now many different types of platforms available, including sweepstakes casinos. The visual graphics and sound effects are also continually improving for an advanced gaming experience.

New gaming innovations

It is entirely possible that, regardless of the type of gaming device you invest in, gaming technology will continue to change and advance. While it is impossible to know what lays ahead, it is possible to make a few conjectures. One conjecture we are confident in is that it appears that augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology could be the next new wave of gaming technology.

AR and VR exploded onto the scene a few years ago but seemed to be a “flash in the pan” that didn’t really catch on for the mainstream. This was partially because the technology — including the games, headsets and consoles — was too expensive and therefore inaccessible for many gamers. On top of that, the technology itself was still not terribly advanced and a lot of early AR and VR was awkward and confusing with unnatural movement.

AR and VR technology has now advanced to a stage that game play and in-game experiences are much more realistic and comfortable. The technology is also more affordable and therefore more widely available.

The future of gaming

It is possible that the next wave of game technology could be AR and VR related – but it really all depends on the market and any other new consoles or game types being developed by R&D teams in the biggest gaming development companies around the world. The only thing you can definitely say about the industry is that it is sure to continue changing, innovating and finding new ways to surprise and impress gamers and market analysts alike.

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Owen Singh

Owen Singh is a Tech, esports writer for Future Gaming that specializes in CSGO, Warzone, Apex, and Many other FPS Games esports scenes. He is also specialised in MMORPG and other similar genres.

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