Project Zomboid Best Weapons Tier List Ranked (January 2022)

In Project Zomboid while you are striving hard to survive, you need good weapons to survive the Zombie Apocalypse. Players use weapons to defend themselves against zombies and other players.

With so many varieties it is difficult to understand which weapon is the best to use in a particular circumstance. While some are extremely powerful, some are useful in some circumstances only and worthless.

The weapons are found in containers, vehicles, and corpses across Knox Country. Weapons are divided into two categories: Melee and Ranged.

The specialty of the Melee weapon is its durability and its range is about equal to the weapon’s length. Due to their little loudness, melee weapons are the most commonly utilized.

Ranged weapons have higher wrath, require more ammo, and make a lot of noise. They are, nonetheless, more powerful than melee weapons.

Melee Weapons

Melee weapons are used in close-range combat and are substantially quieter than guns. Axe, long blunt, short blunt, long-bladed, short-bladed, and spear are the subcategories of Melee Weapons.

Each category includes a skill that allows the player to use the melee type more effectively. There are five major weapon attacks- One-Handed, Two-Handed, Stab, Spear, and Heavy, each having its attack movements.


To maximize the weapon’s effect, one-handed melee weapons are equipped in just one hand. They are usually linked to the belt in slots 2 and 3, although in some cases, such as with the machete, lead pipe, metal bar, and so on, they can only be equipped on the back in slot 1.


To acquire the weapon’s greatest effect, two-handed melee weapons must be equipped in two hands. They can be carried with one hand, but through a reduced impact and with significantly greater endurance costs. They may be placed at slot 1 on the player’s back.


Stab weapons are a sub-category of One-Handed Weapon and are mostly kind of short blades. They have a one-of-a-kind “jaw stab” strike that kills zombies instantly. This action demands the player to stand still, as well as a high level of short blade skill and timing. Getting near to zombies safely requires a high level of sneaking and light-footedness.

Due to their speed, quietness, and low rate of exertion, stab weapons are a useful tool for dealing with single zombies. If the player uses a high short blade skill and is diligent, he can whittle away a bunch of zombies. It does, however, come with certain cautions.


Spears are a sub-category of two-handed weapons. They have a special instant-kill strike when grasped in two hands. This action requires high levels of spear skill as well as precise timing. A high level of sneaking and light-footedness will aid in successfully eliminating zombies without attracting their attention.

Heavy Weapon

Heavy weapons must be carried in two hands. Heavy weapons have a sluggish and slow attack speed but have great attack damage, however swinging them requires a lot of strength.


Blunt weapons are a sub-category of both one-handed and two-handed weapons. This includes weapons such as a one-handed hammer or two-handed baseball bat. The durability of these weapons is higher than that of stab weapons. Some blunt weapons can split numerous zombies making it easier to take on multiple zombies.


Axes are two-handed weapons that can be used which are not just used to slaughter zombies but also find use in cutting down trees and obtaining wood. They normally have very high damage values, making them a very effective choice of weapon to battle with.

Project Zomboid: Best Weapons Ranked


Build 41 of Project Zomboid has featured a new weapon in the shape of a katana. A katana is one of the most powerful and sharp weapons in the game, but it’s also one of the rarest. It can be found in gun stores or zombies in exceptional circumstances.

This deadly weapon does not require ammo, it’s fast, light has a longer than arms reach, and can cut through the neck or skull of the zombies easily. It can be wielded in two hands or one hand either.


The Machete is the second most powerful weapon in Project Zomboid. This can be found in hardware stores and also in or on zombies after the 30-day mark. Machete is a long blade, lighter in weight, easy to carry, and easily available. Many weapons are great but you can get this one and it can be extremely useful.


Guns are a useful and quite dangerous tool to use. The easiest way to kill a zombie is to give a quick shot in the head. Load it with buckshot and nothing will be able to stop you. If you’re concerned about noise, use a Salvo which can do a devastating amount of damage being silent. Guns are easy to get and the best well know weapons but the only drawback is running out of ammunition.


The axe and the much stronger wood axe are some of the highest damage weapons in the game. They also serve multiple purposes as a work tool. You’ll be ripping through zombies like wet paper with one of these in your hand. They are somewhat rare but still much easier to find than a katana or a machete. These are quiet, strong, easily balanced, and simple to use. The force and weight supplied by an axe swung onto a human head is enough to either mash it or split it right down the middle.

Baseball Bat

The baseball bat has good damage, a decent move-down chance, and a reasonable swing speed. It is easy to maintain and fairly easy to find. They can be found in a variety of containers in residential areas such as wardrobes and storage boxes or under the counters of shops and bars.

It is much more practical than a gun during the apocalypse as guns make a lot of noise and need loads of ammo. Guns also require maintenance and high-skill practice.

With a simple item such as a baseball bat, it requires no practice; just whack the zombie over the head. They make less noise, are more reliable and fast. The crowbar has pretty much the same stats as the baseball bat and is much more durable but lacks the knockdown capabilities of the baseball bat.

Bow and Arrow

Bow and arrows are easy to use and can be deadly weapons if used properly. It can even be upgraded and the arrows can be sharpened. The best is it can be re-used, has the close and long-range covered, and does not make noise which makes it easy in most circumstances but not in a hand-to-hand situation.

This was all about the best weapons that prove worthy during the apocalypse. Although this is situational and some weapons require high skills to be used efficiently.

The other weapons that can be handy and used in certain circumstances are the crowbar, spears, and assault rifle. Try out these weapons and see which one you like the most for slaughtering those zombies’ heads.

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