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Raft is an Associate in nursing open-world survival game developed by Swedish developer Redbeet Interactive, backed up by Axolot Games. The title was free to play as an early access title on 23rd May 2018 on Steam, as a free transfer on the indie platform in 2016. the title was then taken out of early access and its full version was released on twenty June 2022 with the discharge of the game’s final chapter on Steam.

The game is content from the first-person perspective and might be content either within the single-player or multiplayer mode. With the latter, the server is mechanically provided by the sport and therefore the game takes place in co-op mode.

After a world is made, the player starts on a 2×2 raft in the middle of an ocean. The player starts solely with a hook that they’ll aim and throw to catch fish, barrels, wood, palm fronds, plastic, and different objects out of the water.

The player will leave the raft and collect things whereas in swimming, however, should watch out because the raft is usually moving because of the continual stream. The player also can be attacked or killed by sharks that are continuously swimming around the raft, the shark is known by players as “Bruce”.

These sharks will sometimes attack the corners of the raft, destroying components of it. employing a crafting system, the player will use the collected materials to assemble and analyse new things and to expand and improve the raft. as an example, tools, weapons and nets may be factory-made. These may be used management and guide the raft, increase its dimensions and stability of the raft, and defend the raft from the sharks.

The player additionally must manage basic desires like hunger and thirst by catching or growing food and purifying water to drink, however once growing food, the player should shelter the food they are growing because of ocean gulls swooping down and consuming the seeds, you’ll be able to kill them for food.

Throughout the sport, the raft might go to islands that the player will explore to urge special things and resources. The player also can dive into coastal regions and collect special things.

About the Raft Blueprint

Throughout the video game, the player can be got to realize and learn about Blueprints so as to progress within the Story. Blueprints are generally discovered as a part of exploring Story islands and are strategically placed before the players want them.

Their descriptions describe however the player should analyse the Blueprints at a probe Table, but as of Update ten, the Blueprints are mechanically additional to the analysis Table creating the particular Blueprints act as a collectable instead.

There are generally some new Blueprints per Story island, which suggests the player has got to absolutely explore all the Story islands to seek out all.

List of Blueprints in Raft

Raft includes the following blueprints:-

  • Antenna
  • Battery Charger
  • Biofuel Refiner
  • Electric Purifier
  • Engine
  • Engine Controls
  • Firework
  • Fuel Tank
  • Fuel Pipe
  • Head Light
  • Large Storage
  • Machete
  • Metal Detector
  • Receiver
  • Steering Wheel
  • Water Tank
  • Water Pipe
  • Zipline
  • Zipline Tool

Blueprint Locations

Antenna Blueprint

This will probably be the first blueprint you will ever find in the game inside a barrel floating in the ocean.

Battery Charger Blueprint

To craft this Blueprint, you need to head over to Caravan Island and craft it at the mayor’s workplace. However, before doing, therefore, you need to collect 3 device components, with every half collected from Caravan Island. Once the components area unit is collected and therefore the Blueprint is crafted, you’ll use it to find out the way to build the battery charger.

Biofuel Refiner Blueprint

To find this blueprint, head over to Balboa Island and realize the item atop a table within the Ranger Station. Once found, you’ll be able to use it to find out a way to craft the Biofuel Refiner.

Electric Purifier Blueprint

To find this blueprint, head over to Tangaroa and reach the Plantation space. what is more, you need to collect rape rolls from the flats in Tangaroa before heading back to the Plantation. The blueprint may be found atop a table behind a, currently unbarred door that ends up in AN elevator. Once found, you’ll use it to find out the way to craft the electric purifier.

Engine Blueprint

This blueprint can be located in the cockpit of Vasagatan. This location can be visited at the very end of the ship and to access it you need to plant a bomb in it.

Engine Controls Blueprint

To find this blueprint, head over to Caravan Island and notice the item atop the table within the Mayor’s Chest; that is opened with a Chest key (found in a health facility on the island with Mudhogs).

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