Rust: How to get all Keycards Location Guide Easily

Keycards play a major role in Rust ever since they were first added to the game because the best loot is always behind a keycard-locked door. The game includes a system where you require different Keycards to reach different locations of monuments.

The largest areas on the map are monuments, which also include a lighthouse and a gas station, among other things. Monuments will not be in the same place for everyone because Rust maps are procedural.

The new electricity system of Rust involves fuses and switches and you have to solve these puzzles to get access to a plethora of crates containing valuable loot, as well as keycards. Keycards will further allow you to enter other important monuments. If you want the locations of all the keycards in Rust, here is this guide to help you out.

Green Keycards

Green keycards are very common and you can easily find them first as they respawn every half an hour or so. You don’t even need any other keycard to access these. They not only spawn in predictable locations but they can also be found on the bodies of Scientists (the AI blue hazmat guys) at rare times. Here’s a quick list of where to find green keycards in Rust:

  • Scientists: Green key cards are also sometimes dropped by junk files scientist and scientist of the military tunnels upon death.
  • Lighthouse by breaking down the barricade and turning right.
  • Abandoned Supermarket behind the barricades
  • Austin’s Gas Station
  • The Junkyard
  • Power plant by flicking to liver timer starting a timer and behind a green door. You can also find a green tea card behind a blue door at a small oil rig and behind a green door at the large oil rig.

Blue Keycards

Blue keycards are a little harder to get as you will first need a green keycard. Here’s where you can find the blue keycard in Rust:

  • Large Harbor by breaking down barricade, inserting a fuse and green keycard required
  • Small Harbor (fuse and green keycard required)
  • Satellite dish by inserting a fuse, flicking a lever and green keycard required to open a green door.
  • Sewer Branch (fuse and green keycard required)
  • Outpost: You can buy from the scientist outpost for 100 scrap.

Red Keycards

The most valuable type of keycard are the red ones and they are the hardest to get. They also get you the best loot. Red keycards will always need you to have a fuse, a blue keycard, and sometimes even a green keycard. So you need to get the green and blue cards first.

Red keycard locations in Rust:

  • Power Plant after flickering two levers starting a timer going through a green door, inserting a fuse and opening a blue door.
  • Airfield by inserting a fuse starting a timer going through a green door inserting a second fuse and going through a blue door (Blue keycard and Green keycard required and hazmat suit recommended)
  • Trainyard by clicking two levers inserting a fuse looking a third lever and going through blue door – Water Treatment Plant, fuse and blue keycard required.

So now you know where to get these Keycards, try them out get the best loot, and discover some new monuments.

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