Stray Crack Status 2022- Is it Cracked?

stray cover

The long-awaited Stray is finally here, and it hasn’t disappointed the players. You play as a cat in a world full of content and adventure.

Almost every stage of the cat’s journey in Stray includes solving a riddle. Some are simple to crack, while others may leave you stranded and pushing the boundaries of your mental capacity.

And with the release of every well anticipated game, the cracker groups start working.

Now that Stray has officially launched on PC, many are asking if the game has already been cracked. A short answer is – yes. The infamous crackers’ groups like Skidrow, Codex and Goldberg have managed to find exploits in the game and hence crack the game.

Meanwhile, repackers like FitGirl have also released their repacks of the game.

Stray is truly an amazing game, with stunning graphics and engaging gameplay. Not to mention, the game has a dedicated “meow” button. If you want to and are capable of supporting the developers, you should always buy a legit copy of the game. It is available on Steam and PlayStation.

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