The Cycle: Frontier The Test Run Quest Guide

There are many exciting and challenging quests within the Cycle: Frontier. The test Run Quests is one of those quests that are given to you by Vadim Tanayev who happens to be the top of Operations for Korolev on Fortuna III.

The test Run Quest within the Cycle: Frontier could be a terribly little quest. Our The Cycle: Frontier guide has all the main points which are able to assist you to complete The check Run quest with ease and in the fastest possible way.

About The Test Run Quest

The test Run quest, as mentioned on top could be a terribly little quest within the Cycle: Frontier. This quest is not like another quest within the Cycle: Frontier consists of solely one spare objective.

There are essentially 2 objectives to complete within the test Run quest within the Cycle. the primary is to seek out a Letium gas vent and also the second is to Deliver ten Flaked Latium. it’s going to sound a touch difficult by the appearance of it however it isn’t.

You can simply collect Flaked Letium from the Letium gas vent you discover that the quest doesn’t very ask you to travel loads. However, to truly harvest a Letium gas vent, you’ll want an optical device Drill Beacon.

After the gas vents are activated, an enormous Drill Ship can land on prime of them. you’ll enter the ship when landing, head to the highest floor, and then begin using the management console for the mining method. Gather the farmed materials from the bins when drilling is complete.

Simply get within the machine and activate the laser drill once it’s been pointed down. once the drilling is complete, loot the bins within the drill to select up the Flaked Letium and deliver it.

Rewards Post quest completion

Vadim Tanayev will provide the following rewards on successful completion of the quest:-

  • x214 Korolev Scrip
  • x24000 Krypto Marks
  • 3600 FP
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