The Quarry: All Tarot Cards Locations Decked Out (Guide)

A horror fanatic’s dreamland, this interactive drama game is made by Supermassive games and is deemed, in part, as a successor to the popular Until Dawn. It is heavily inspired by teen slasher/monster movies and has all the involved clichés. It was released on 10th June for PS5/4, XBOX 1/S/X and Windows platforms.

It is a multiplayer game with 16 unique characters. The Quarry isn’t a free-to-play game and isn’t available on XBOX Game Pass either. However, it is pretty thrilling and can feel similar to Until Dawn which is a long-time fan favourite.

ALL TAROT CARD LOCATIONS and Decked Out Achievement (22)


  • The Fool – As Laura, take the narrow path that leads left and the camera angle will change allowing you to discover the card.

Chapter 1

  • Temperance – As Jacob, Enter the kitchen and the camera will shift and you will see the card on the side of some pots.

Chapter 2

  • The Hanged Man – As Nick, Follow the rocky road with Abi. Continue down the same path and the camera will reveal the card perched on some rocks above.

Chapter 3

  • The Star – As Jacob, when leaving the dock, head towards the stack of nearby canoes you can see the card by the wooden post.

Chapter 4

  • Strength – As Dylan, enter the lodge and grab the card as quickly as possible.
  • The Magician – As Emma, go down the stairs which lead to the dock. The camera will pan and you’ll find the card there.

Chapter 5

  • The Devil – As Dylan, Search the grounds near the camp cabins, you will find the card close to the picnic tables.
  • The Hermit – As Dylan, Explore the left side of Radio Hut, get close to the large Ariel tower and you will find the card at the base.

Chapter 6

  • Justice – As Jacob, travel the wooden bridge and take the stairs below. When the camera changes you will find the card on the wooden beam.
  • The Moon – As Abigail, explore the middle shower in the bathroom.

Chapter 7

  • The Chariot – As Laura, make your way to the police station and walk in between the middle desks. You will find the card on a beam.
  • The World – As Laura, when exploring the jail cell, heads towards the door, you will see the card below the bed.

Chapter 8

  • The Empress – As Ryan, enter the Hackett basement and enter the room to the left of the wooden barrels. You will find the card nearing the table closest to the door.
  • The Lovers – As Laura, After the railing breaks in the Quarry Lane, you will find the card in a small enclave connected to the catwalk.
  • Wheel of Fortune – As Laura, Travel through the nightmare tunnel, you will find the card there
  • The Emperor – As Ryan, Enter the Hackett basement and continue past the wooden barrels. The card is near the end of the path.

Chapter 9

  • Death – As Ryan, after hiding inside the dumbwaiter and emerging into a room. Look for the Death card on top of the wardrobe.
  • The Sun – As Laura, Take the stairs near the piano to the second floor. Go past the balcony and into the empty room. The card is near the closest window
  • Judgement – As Dylan, enter the scrapyard and take the path that heads towards the left, climbs up the staircase and once you walk across the shipping containers you will see the card.
  • The Hierophant – As Abigail, head toward the storm shelter stairs, the camera will pan and you will see this card.

Chapter 10

  • The High Priestess – As Kaitlyn, head toward the third floor, walk left towards the windows and the card will be on a beam

This is a guide on how to find all tarot cards within each chapter. For more reference make sure to check out the above video.

credits: Game Guides Channel

This was a guide on how to find every tarot card in The Quarry. If you liked this make sure to leave a comment down below and check out our other articles!

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