The Quarry : Crack Status – Is it Cracked?

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The Quarry is a survival horror interactive drama video game played from a third-person perspective. In the game, the player assumes control of nine different teenagers who must survive a night at the Hackett’s Quarry.

As a player you must take decisions which gradually changes the character’s nature, plot and their relationship with other NPCs. There are 9 potential playable characters and every single character has 10-12 different ways off ending their journey( i.e. DEATH…..T-T).

With a total playtime of about 10 hours which can be cut down to 7 hours depending on the death and choices of the different characters, it has multiple endings & as soon as you clear one playthrough the game will provide you with different collectible cards that depict the different deaths faced by the characters during your playthrough.

A special feature called as “Death REWIND” is also unlocked that lets you undo the deaths of any 3 characters for the playthroughs you go through after the first one. However, for deluxe edition purchasers who have pre-ordered the game can have the “Death REWIND” from the first playthrough itself.

The game also features a Movie mode, which disables certain gameplay elements such as button mashing, quick time events & aiming and shooting which allows players to enjoy the game with minimum input from their side. The game also features local and online multiplayer. In local multiplayer, players take turns to control different characters, while in the online mode, seven other participating players can vote in key decisions.

Players can participate in voting by only downloading the demo version of the game. The movie mode can also be modified to a movie-only mode in which the player can set the personality traits of different characters and then let the story play out.


7 friends spend their summer in the Hackett’s Quarry as camp counsellors. When they plan to return, their vehicle is sabotage by one of the camp counsellors since he wants to spend one more night with his summer fling who is one of the 7 friends(all off whom are playable characters).

While waiting for a replacement vehicle they decide to play truth and dare which results in a quarrel between the lovebirds and they split off for some alone time in the forest and the group also divides to console them thus completely drifting away from each other. While one group is attacked by a cursed-werewolf, another group discovers the victims of the creature and how much horror and mayhem the creature has caused.

As the game proceeds(and the choices taken by you) you take different choices according to which the story unfolds. Maybe you are able to escape to tell the story to the world, maybe you are able to kill the werewolf and end the curse……all depends on the choices you make.



Supermassive and Rebellion have revealed that The Quarry will be using the Denuvo anti-tamper tech. This is a strong indication that the game maybe quiet uncrackable. However there are pretty strong tech savvy individuals like “empress” who has cracked Denuvo protected games before.

So overall, my guess will be not right away, since the game has just released and they need to make some money for sustenance. But after a few months pass by. FOR SURE the crack will be released for everyone to enjoy. Until then, check out the following recommendations:-

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  • Evil Dead: The Game
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  • The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope
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