The Quarry: How to Save the Hackett Family (All Clues)

“The Quarry is an interactive drama horror video game developed by Supermassive Games and published by 2K Games. It is the spiritual successor to Until Dawn (2015) and was released for Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X and Series S.”

It is a multiplayer game with 16 unique characters. The Quarry isn’t a free-to-play game and isn’t available on XBOX Game Pass either. However, it is pretty thrilling and can feel similar to Until Dawn which is a long-time fan favourite.

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How to save the Hackett Family?

This is a guide on how to save the Hackett family. Although the plot is based around nine camp counsellors and most of the awards/achievements are given for saving them. This article is a guide for the curious crowd who wants to see what the plot looks like if you sacrificed some of the main characters.



kaylee hackett family

As luck would have it, Kaylee cannot be saved regardless of your choices. Laura will always shoot her at the end of chapter 5. However, we will move on and try to save the rest.


constance quarry

At the start of chapter 9, there will be a quick time event where Constance will try to take a shotgun from Laura’s hands. To save her, you need to fail this event and not blow up any heads.


jedidah quarry

Later in chapter 9, there will be a crucial moment where Laura confronts Jedidiah as she begins to change. To save him you will have to choose to run rather than assault him.

Chris, Bobby, Travis

chris the quarry

This trio has their interlinked fate decided in chapter 9. For Bobby and Travis to live, Chris has to die. Follow these steps

  • Leave Ryan’s knife in his side at the beginning of Chapter 9.
  • Choose Chris when Ryan is prompted to shoot one of them
  • Allow Travis to kill Ryan if he assaults Laura, otherwise, he will join Ryan for the last fight
  • Shoot Silas when given the option else the entire Hackett Family will be killed by him

Lastly, to save Caleb the werewolf you will have to choose the “wait” option when he jumps out of the chimney and not shoot him when he gets close. This leads to a niche but tragic ending and you have successfully saved most of the Hackett Family.

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