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How To Use Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds F2P Diamonds (Guide)

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is a role-playing game created by Netmarble and published by Level-5 released for Android and iOS in Japan. It was first revealed at “G-Star”, in November 2019, and Tokyo Game Show presented the first gameplay footage in September 2020.[2]  The game was finally released globally in English on May 25th 2022.

This guide explores how to get diamonds in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds. It is part of the various tiered currencies in the game. The main use of diamonds is to purchase rare items, create new familiars or upgrade your abilities.

How to get Diamonds:

If you play the game frequently, you know that one can purchase huge quantities of diamonds with real-world money. However, if you do not want to commit this much money online, there are other in-game ways you can find diamonds too:

  • Familiar Expeditions (Mine the large blue rocks)
  • Level Milestones (Reach Level 60 – Get 1000 Diamonds)
  • Labyrinth of Dreams (Excel in challenges for better diamond payouts)

What you should do with Diamonds:

Since they are such a rare resource here is a guide on how you can manage them properly. It is recommended you are wise with diamond purchases and only use them when there is a great deal in the store etc.

Diamond Rebate:

This is an excellent purchase and it should likely be your first diamond purchase.

Once you gather 1600 gems:

  • Go to the Featured Shop
  • Go to Diamond Rebate
  • Purchase it, you will get all 1600 gems back over the course of 7 days
  • With a little patience, you can also get extra in-game treasures

This is an excellent purchase since it gives 3-star protection earrings and 3 free energy drinks.

Summon Familiars:

You should definitely not summon equipment or costumes since those are a waste of premium currency for a F2P player. However, you can summon familiars. Use the standard banner.

For more info on how to use diamonds check out this video:

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