Zenith VR MMO: How to Level up Godstones Easily (Soul Forge)

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Zenith is an MMORPG set in a massive futuristic setting that blends the fantasy and cyberpunk tropes to create a truly remarkable experience for players. The game is a VR title that allows crossplay across many VR platforms like the Oculus Quest, PC VR, PSVR, etc.

The game was released on steam on 27th January this year with very positive reviews. With many players trying the game out we are sure this guide will help you through your Zenith experience.

What is Soul Forge and Godstones?

Soul forge is basically a menu option present in Zenith where you can customize your Godstone’s. Godstone’s are the various abilities that a player can unlock by leveling up. As you progress and level up you will acquire more Godstone’s.

There are several rows of Godstones for the player to choose from but you can only equip one from each row, this can be done through the Godstone menu.

So how do you level up your Godstones?

Here’s how you upgrade your Godstone’s.

godstone xp bar 11zon
  • Equip the Godstone that you want to upgrade – When you equip a certain Godstone you will get XP whenever you are using it and killing enemies. Your current XP level with the godstone is idicated by a bar located at the bottom right of the Soul Forge.
  • Earn Upgrade points by levelling up your godstones – You will need a certain amount of XP before your godstone levels up. With each level you will recieve an upgrade point that you will use.
  • Use the Points to by Godstone upgrades – You can use the points you get to buy either minor or in some cases major upgrades for your godstones. These are huge power spikes for the Godstones so it it really important you do this.
minor and major upgrades 11zon

I hope this guide will help you in the countless hours you’ll surely spend exploring the world of Zenith.

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