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God Of War PC Gear & Progression: Everything Explained

The latest God of war introduces to its players a surprising number of changes to the series. This huge game with thrilling adventures and powerful enemies is one of the best games of the year. You can explore an open-ended environment, earn XP to unlock abilities, and upgrade armor sets to improve your stats.

With all this and much more, it can be quite intimidating sometimes trying to manage and expertise in everything. Lots of questions like buying new armor or upgrading the old one or what skills are worth boosting are some of the concerns that gamers have.

So here is what was very much needed! The God of War Gear Progression Guide to help you manage all the weapons, upgrades, gear, and all the major details on the God of war system and mechanics to help you get a better understanding of its progression.

Character Upgrades

God of war eventually introduces you to its mechanics influencing the players to take on new adventures and pick up resources scattered around the world There are a variety of mechanisms to help you upgrade crates and equipment and strengthen Kratos and Reyes. The four main ways are majorly through Armor set, Enchantments, Axe Pommels, and Talismans.

1: Armor Sets

Explore, beat powerful enemies, solve puzzles and then you will find tons of specialized armor and gear. Armor plays a very big part in God of war. Besides increasing your stats to improve your chances of survival, they also specialize in traits that are valued in combat.

All you need is time to think about what statistics value the most and funnel your resources into crafting and upgrading the armor. From the Blacksmith shop, you can buy Reyes armor sets that enhance characteristics in different ways. Reyes can be incredibly effective in battle so it is important to think about which are the best suits.

2: Enchantments

Enchantments are special accessories that you can slot into your armor. Beyond upgrading your stats, they have many unique effects. Each piece of armor can hold at least one enchantment as long as it has an available socket. Sockets can be upgraded at the Blacksmith shop throughout your journey.

Enchantments have special perks that give you a tag box and resistances that are either inherent or active randomly during the battle. Also, remember to swap enchantments once you have been in a new zone for a few minutes. The best advice is to focus on equipment as they give you the most significant boost compared to other items in the game.

3: Axe Pommels

Similar to enchantments, Axe Pommels are special items that further increase the Leviathan axes power. They offer perks that activate either randomly or after you perform a specific action in battle.

4: Talismans

Talismans are accessories that allow you to perform a special ability in battle. While Active talismans can be triggered manually using a special button combination, Passive talismans require a special action in battle. They also offer boosts to your stats.

God of war’s Combat.

Once you start acquiring more skills and runic attacks, things get tougher and enemies more complex. Embrace the pace and use the early hours of the journey to try out different movements, combining melee and axe attacks to find which ones work best against particular adversaries.

Combat Upgrades Skills

Skils are the new combat moves like combos, charging attacks, and active attack buffs. The increase your strength in combat the first way is by unlocking abilities in the skill tree with the XP you earn.

Combat Upgrades Runic Attacks

Here is another quick piece of advice for you, do not forget to use runic attacks. These powerful special moves are of two types light and heavy which you can equip anytime. These attacks can be upgraded with XP you earn to enhance their power. Upgrading unique attacks improves their damage strength and overall capability. Some runic attacks are designed to stun, while others cause a lot of damage. Some are narrow and focused, while others span a vast area. Find out what works best for you according to the situation.

Use Environment as a weapon

At times you will notice giant pots dangling from the ceilings and you can drop them onto enemies’ heads by tossing your axe at the pulley. You will also see red explosives pots in rock formations at some points but they can be more useful in second or third rounds.

Don’t Forget the Arrows

Another quick piece of advice for players! Atreus got unlimited arrows so you need not be worried about it. It’s preferable to fire blindly than to not fire at all. When facing a lot of enemies together, shoot out the arrows and kill weaker enemies. You don’t have to aim for each arrow while holding the left trigger. In the approximate direction Kratos is facing, Atreus will shoot at the beast. Be careful to spam the arrow button even if you’re distracted while pummeling enemies.

For Quick Kills, knock enemies off cliffs.

This is kinda funny but very interesting. Throwing enemies off the ledges is the quickest way to get done with the job. It’s also beneficial to stand towards the margins. Although sometimes enemies may climb up cliffsides, the cliffs frequently defend you from an enemy creeping up behind you.

Save your hacksilver and resources to improve the items you come across. Bow upgrades are costly but well worth it. The benefits of a pending upgrade will be displayed in the merchant menu.

That’s all you need to know about the God of war progressive system. This big game is much more than just this. The combat is different, the enemies are more complex and the adventure is never-ending. Try out all the adventures, unlock special moves, and attack!

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