10 Ways To Improve Windows 10/11 Gaming Performance

Your new PC isn’t performing as you expected? Have you built or bought a new PC and are looking to set it up to get the maximum performance? You have come to the right place. This article will list 10 ways you can improve your gaming performance on your Windows 11 or Windows 10 PC.

Windows is the leading PC operating system used worldwide, but it can be difficult sometimes to get the best performance from your hardware because of the limitations or some hidden settings Windows has. So, let’s get straight into it. Here are 10 tips on how you can improve your performance on your Windows 11/10 PC or get the maximum performance from your new one:

Windows performace
  1. Use the Game Mode
  2. Pause Automatic Windows Update
  3. Setup your GPU Software
  4. Update all Your Windows Drivers
  5. Kill background Processes
  6. Disable Windows Notifications
  7. Pull in background downloads on Steam
  8. Internet Fast Lane
  9. Turn off Overlays
  10. Use a higher Power Plan in Windows

Use the Game Mode

Windows 11/10 comes with an in-built Game Mode. You can use it to get a better gaming performance as it automatically uses the resources for your gaming purposes, at least in theory.

You can activate the game mode by going to the Settings menu > Gaming > Game Mode. You can also use third-party apps like Razor Cortex if you don’t have a game mode.

Pause Automatic Windows Update

Disabling Windows updates can be a bummer as the updates can solve major problems faced by an owner of a PC. Although you cannot disable Windows updates, you can pause them for up to five weeks. 

You can pause the updates by going to Settings > Windows Update > more options> pause updates. The game mode won’t allow the reminder for updates to interrupt you in your gaming sessions.

Setup your GPU Software

NVIDIA and AMD two of the market leaders in GPU environments provide their own software with settings for their GPUs. These settings can be configured to suit your needs. If you have an NVIDIA Graphics Card you can use the NVIDIA Control panel. As for AMD Radeon, you have a lot more options. You can even set custom profiles for different games.

Update All Your Windows Drivers

Updating your drivers while gaming is not a good idea, but keeping your drivers updated is definitely a very good one. You can update your drivers when you are not gaming. The drivers you need to take care of are your graphics card drivers and your chipset drivers from your CPU brand or motherboard manager. The rest of the drivers will be taken care of by Windows itself in Windows updates.

You can check for updates for your GPU drivers on the official website of your GPU provider and the same can be done for the chipset drivers.

Kill Background Processes

Background processes eat up the system resources and cause performance issues. Everyone knows this and the most common way to solve this issue is by opening the task manager and forcing closing the apps. But still, after doing this, many processes keep running or restarting.

To ensure complete shutdown of these processes you can go to Windows Star Menu > select Run > Type msconfig and enter > select services tab and hide all Microsoft services > Uncheck the services you don’t want running.

Some services are critical to run some apps so make sure you recheck which services you are disabling.

windows performance1

Disable Windows Notifications

Notifications can ruin the gaming experience of any gamer. Windows notifications are the full-screen ones which interrupt the gaming experience. You can simply disable or configure them on your own will be going to Windows Settings > Notifications.

Pull in Background Downloads on Steam

Steam is the hub for the majority of games on PC, and Steam also updates the games in the background. This uses resources and can affect your gaming experience to a great extent.

To turn off auto updates on steam you need to go to Steam > Settings > Downloads > uncheck allow downloads during gameplay. You can then check only auto-update games between boxes and then select the time when you are comfortable with updating the game.

Internet Fast Lane

Nagle’s Algorithm is used in Windows to smooth your internet connection. It is very useful for day-to-day browsing, but it can lead to increased latency when playing online games. Latency plays a big factor in online games, especially in competitive games like Valorant.

You can disable Nagle’s Algorithm by going to the Windows Registry but tinkering with the registry can cause issues so do it at your own risk.

Turn Off Overlays

Overlays have always been a problem in PC gaming with them running in the background and hindering the performance of the PC. The most commonly encountered overlay on PC is the Xbox Game bar.

It is a useful tool but most of the time it is more of an annoyance while playing games. You can turn it off by going to Windows Settings > Gaming > Xbox Game Bar. The other notable overlays which you can disable are Steam and Discord.

Use Higher Power Plan In Windows

This tip is for those who like to game on the go. This tip won’t have much effect on your desktop but will be good if you’re gaming on a laptop. Simply go to Control panel > system and security > power options > switch to high-performance plan.

These were 10 tips on how you can improve your gaming performance on your Windows 11/10 PC. For the more latest news, guides, tips and tricks related to games and technology subscribe to our newsletter.

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