How To Get 60 Fps On Pokemon Scarlet & Violet (Ryujinx & Yuzu)

pokemon scarlet and violet
Pokemon scarlet and violet

While playing 3D games especially beautifully designed open-world games like Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is bliss, it is even more annoying when gaming lags (I feel like throwing up if you ask me how I feel). Imagine having a PC that has good enough specs but you still can’t play your favourite games? Hurts more than breakups!

But don’t worry you can still fire up some life into laggy games if you know about a few things. Although you cannot motivate your PC to work harder than its hardware allows, knowing some simple hacks might help a lot.

Ryujinx and Yuzu
logo Ryujinx for pokemon scarlet and violet
logo Yuzu Emulator for pokemon scarlet and violet

Ryujinx and Yuzu are new but popular emulators for nintendo 3Ds games. We will look at some of the simplest tips to a few arcane facts that’ll help you get a smoother gaming experience when playing on these emulators.

If you want to know how to play pokemon on Ryujinx and Yuzu, follow this guide.

Check whether your Graphic drivers are up to date or not.

This might feel trivial but many people do not tend to pay much attention to it.
Go to your control panel > Device Manager > Display Adapters.
Double-click on your video card and check if it is not working properly or not up to date.


Check default graphic settings

image 1
Check to make sure these settings are turned on.

Check your graphics control panel

Right click on your desktop and select your graphics control panel from the menu or you can search for it from the taskbar.

1. After opening your control panel, check if there is a limit set on the Max frame rate.
2. Also if your device has Dedicated graphics, make sure your graphics processor is not set to integrated.

image 4
Graphics control panel

Background apps

If there are apps or unnecessary services running in the background, they can clog up your memory resulting in FPS drops and a poor gaming experience, even more so if you are using integrated graphics.

You can get a look at background apps and services from Task manager.

image 3

Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task manager. Now you can remove processes that are running in the background.

Using graphics API

Generally your system comes with Direct3D API. But you can Install and use Vulkan API which is faster than Direct3D. Ryujinx now supports Vulkan too.
Switching to Vulkan might give you some FPS boost.

image 2

To read more about Vulkan and its installation you can visit their official site.

These methods might help you get rid of laggy gameplay so that you can experience better gameplay.

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