How To Access & Upgrade House in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley gives you the freedom to build your own neighbourhood and customise your house. The house can be upgraded in the game to make it more luxurious and comfortable.

Upgrading gives you more customising options, and customising can keep you busy for hours and provide you with the satisfaction of building the house of your dreams.

This article will help you upgrade your house. Here’s all you need to know about how to upgrade your house and start on your dream house.

Accessing the House Upgrades

First, you have to accept the quest “Dreamlight Valley Economy 101” from Scrooge McDuck to begin upgrading your house. You can find McDuck in his shop or wandering near the plaza. You need to collect 7 gems and sell them to Goofy at his stall in order to complete this quest. After completing the quest, you will be asked by McDuck to use the money you have made to upgrade your house.

Upgrading Your House

After completing the quest “Dreamlight Valley Economy 101” you will be able to upgrade your house using star coins by going to the elevator inside your house. The elevator is situated on the left side of your front door.

Interior Upgrades

Interior Upgrades allow you to add rooms and increase the size of the rooms in your house. Increasing the size of the rooms is a costly process so make sure to keep your pocket in check while doing so.

First Upgrade– 1,000 Star coins (Expands main room to 8×8).

Second Upgrade– 2,000 Star coins (Expands main room to 10×10, Adds 1F top room, Adds 1F left the room and right room)

After these initial upgrades, you can keep expanding the sizes for the individual rooms which will cost in between 1,000-3,000 Star coins depending on how big you want the rooms to be.

After doing some exterior upgrades and expanding the exterior you can add more floors and add rooms on them as well. You can then upgrade rooms on those floors.

Disney Dremlight valley upgrade house

Exterior Upgrade

You can upgrade the exterior of your house by visiting the sign of Scrooge McDuck just outside the front door. The suck will appear upon interacting with a sign and provide you with the service of upgrading the exterior of your house for a fee. With each upgrade the price rises but on the other hand, the house gets better and better. The exterior upgrades unlock only after you have done at least one interior upgrade.

First Upgrade– 2,000 Star coins (Exterior improvement, Storage capacity increase).

Second Upgrade– 20,000 Star Coins (Exterior improvement, Storage capacity increase, Second-floor upgrade).

Third Upgrade– 75,000 Star Coins (Exterior improvement, Storage capacity increase, Third-floor upgrade).

This was all you needed to know about upgrading your house in Disney Dreamlight Valley. For the more latest news, guides, tips and tricks related to games and technology make sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

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