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Age of empires 4: How to gather resources fast (Gold & More)

Age of Empires IV is a real-time strategy video game developed by Relic Entertainment and published by Xbox Game Studios in collaboration with World’s Edge. It’s the fourth game in the Age of Empires franchise.

In this guide we will learn how you can gather resources fast in Age of Empires 4 and learn the rates of the resources like gold, food, stones, woods, civilization bonus, and more and make your village grow faster.

How to gather resources fast?

Here we will list down all the resources and how you can gather each resource in the best way based on Efficiency, Economy Balance, Build Orders and more. This way you can farm these resources easily.

Tip 1: Get Food fast in Age of Empires 4

Age of empires 4 How to gather resources fast food

Food is the one of the most important resource that every civilization needs so that it can get the most out of its workers and makes the civilization healthy. Foods come from different resources like sheep, fish, boar, and more.

Harvesting and scouting sheep is a good place to start. Following that, players can search for berry bushes and animals such as deer, boar, and wolf to boost their food economy. Let’s rank the best food you can gather with reference to 1 minute time barrier.

Food Resource (collected by)Quantity Generated Every Minute
ShoreFish (villagers)47.5 per minute
ShoreFish (fishing ships) + Deer (villagers)45 per minute
Sheep (villagers) 40 per minute
Farm + Berries (villagers) 45 per minute

Construct a mill near the location of the food resource to get a better production. If you are near a sea area, make sure you have boats. Farms are the best way to have a good production of these food resources.

Tip 2: Get Woods fast in Age of Empires 4

Age of empires 4 How to gather resources fast wood

At the early phase of the game, you need woods for development of different structures. You can wood from trees, which you will find in plenty in the area. Start harvesting trees early, so you have more space for building your empire.

You can generate woods around 40 per minute. But with woods, there is delay. Like, you will not get instant wood unless the tree is chopped down. It takes around 10 seconds to chop the tree.

Tip 3: Get Stones fast in Age of Empires 4

Stones are mostly used to build castle walls and bases for your military groups. They are not easily breakable, and you can find stones everywhere within your region. Building the resources of right size is very important.

Similar to wood, stone also has a rate of 40 per minute with which it can be generated. You can set up a Stone mine near the resource and have villagers mine it. You have to spot these stone mining areas early on for faster production.

Age of empires 4 How to gather resources fast gold stone

Tip 4: Get Gold fast in Age of Empires 4

Gold is also an important resource, which is spread across the region. Gold is mostly used for army training, research purpose, trading and more. As it is an important resource, you need to protect the gold mine by building watch towers and army camps called fortress.

Similar to stone and wood, gold can be mined or generated at 40 per minute. Gold mines is one of the effective ways for faster production. By fishing near Whales, you can catch gold on certain matches.

Tip 5: Civilization Bonus and Caveats

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