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Aliens Fireteam Elite Beginners Guide | Top 8 Best Tips and Tricks

Aliens Fireteam Elite is a newly released PVE, Multiplayer third-person shooter game, which is just been released and developed by Cold Iron Studios, which is a kind of alien game, which heads first into the alien universe.

Talking about the gameplay, it is really old school just like old games everyone used to play, the concept of aliens included in the game is pretty amazing and attracts users to download and play this game.

This might be the best alien game you have ever played, which is multiplayer so you will have a chance to play it with your friends that is the best thing about this game. where you have to kill the aliens with the team to survive and level up.

Aliens Fireteam Elite Beginners Guide – For Starters

Before jumping out to the main tips and tricks, you should know about some basic stuff about the game, where you will get the idea about the game, your vision and some player classes, that will be useful for you.

Aliens Fireteam Elite All Missions :

Game Vision

In this game, there are thousands of Xenomorphs (Aliens), which are of a total of 11 types which you have to kill, each xenomorph has its own abilities or powers that is enough to kill you. Kill all of these xenomorphs and survive the game and level up.

Your Fireteam

To face off with these Xenomorphs, you will get your best team which is of a total of 5 Classes, which are – Gunner, Demolisher, Technician, Doc and Recon each has its own abilities to kill the aliens and are trained.


You will get more than 30+ Powerful Weapons as well as 70+ Attachments that you can use in the game. Use these weapons in-game to easily kill the enemies and Xenomorphs.


The game has spaced up into a total of 4 campaigns with 3 missions at each campaign. Your Homebase is located at UAS Endeavor, where you can edit and prepare your marines for the next campaign.

Tip 1 : Choose Right Class

The first tip is really simple, which is choosing the right class for your team. you should be able to understand every class and its capabilities that you can select later.

Choosing the right class is really important, you have access to a total of four classes at first and a fifth later that will be unlocked after your first successful campaign. you can switch between them before the mission starts.

So playing a particular class will help you to level up faster, which will give you lots of benefits. After completing the levels, there will be slots unlocked on your perk grid.

Also maxing out the class will give you access to their top tier perks, which will increase your ability at some per cent increase.

Tip 2: Leveling Up Guns & Stars

The second tip here is Star Power, which is basically gun power. After levelling up your classes to the maximum, here is the time to levelling up your weapons.

Use a particular gun that you like, and the more you use that gun, the faster it will level up by doing the missions. As you level up your guns, you will also unlock a new gun star rating. Each star rating unlocks some buffs into that weapon.

Basic stars from one to three stars usually increase tour stability and fire rate. The fifth gun star changes the nature of the gun completely, with handling and damage support, which are different for each weapon.

Tip 3: Ping System

The third tip is pretty simple and easy to follow. Like other games, Aliens Fireteam Elite has also a ping system which is really useful in the missions.

Pinging your locations, guns or aliens which will help you and your teammates doing the mission very easily and in an effective way. So use this feature in the game and do the missions safely.

Tip 4: Challenge Cards

Levelling up the Classes as well as guns are really important, and we already covered that, but another tip that will help in levelling up by using the challenge cards.

Challenge cards work as a bonus card, which will help you to gain XP’s and gaming currencies which are really useful while levelling up.

The Challenge cards are used before starting the mission, which will multiply your XP and credit rewards will be doubled if you manage to complete that given challenge card. Failing to complete the challenge given in the card will result in losing that card permanently.

Tip 5: Lore Hunting

The Next fifth tip is for the lore hunters, which is not quite helpful for most of the players, but yes it can be helpful in understanding the game, missions and many other things.

When you play, in each campaign there is a total of 3 hidden pieces of Intel, that you can collect it while playing. which will be useful to understand the missions.

Tip 6: Use Consumables

This is the important tip about Consumables, which you can go from the Inventory section. When you do missions, the consumables get to carry over here if you do not use them.

So, if you didn’t know this about consumables stocking up in your inventory, you are not alone. So Assign the consumables at the start of the mission which you might use during the mission.

You will be needed these especially in the harder difficulties which is really tough to compete against the Elite enemies. Also, you can use these consumables at horde mode, which will only give you bonuses and rewards for levelling up.

Tip 7: Perfect Character Build

Building a perfect character is really important in this game, this might not feel essential if you play first on easy mode, but as you level up and play in a harder mode, you will find it really difficult.

The two things which are useful here are the perk grid and weapons. you can make any build as you like, which syncs with the particular weapon in the perk grid.

Follow the same build which is the gunner grid. as shown in the image above that is made to focus on recharge speed. So take your time to understand the character build which particular gun using the perk grid and clearing the missions easy and quick.

Tip 8: Tactical Opportunities

The last tip here we have is Tactical Opportunities. Same as Challenge cards, while you complete the challenge before the missions and getting bonuses, tactical opportunities are also useful.

The set of three challenges there will give you free rewards by doing small tasks which are shown there. you can visit the Tactical Opportunity section by going to the menu and clicking the left bottom.

The Tasks has a certain time limit, so must pay attention when the timer is ending, so that you can complete them without getting timed out.

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