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Aliens Fireteam Elite: All Intel Locations (Easy Intel Guide)

Aliens Fireteam Elite is currently the best multiplayer co-op shooter game playable for three players total, that is being released last week. Players are playing and completing the missions which are really enjoyable.

As by the name, Aliens Fireteam Elite, In short, you will have to defeat or kill the Aliens which are called Xenomorphs in the game, Building and Level up your character, Level up your Guns to win the given mission and move on further.

As after you will be doing your missions, you will come across hidden Intels, that are pretty useful for you. Also, it is difficult to find all the Intels which are scattered along with the different areas of the Map.

Why do you need Intels?

  • In order to achieve an advanced achievement in Alien Fireteam Elite, you need to find it out a total of 39 Hidden Intels across the map which are not visible on the map, you need to find it yourself which takes time.
  • The game has a total of 4 Campaign chapters and one separate base UAS Endeavour where you have to find these Intels. After you find all the Intels, you need to deliver them to the UAS Endeavour back to the NPC.
  • After submitting the Intels to the NPC, you have to go through some NPC’s dialogues, which is later calculated out of 100 as to how many you can go.

All Hidden Intel Locations (39) –

Endeavour Intels

Intel 1 – Fulminium Alloy Powder

This intel is located down the stairs, along with the hangar as you move down the stairs and go to the left side and finding a red coloured wheel with wires wrapped on it, just behind the wheel you will find this intel.

Intel 2 – Battle Streamers

This Intel is basically a flag that you will find easily, by going back to the hangar. Move along the wall to the right side where the crates are located. You will find this Intel on the ground.

Intel 3 – UAS Endeveior Plaqx

This Intel is not on the base, you need to take stairs and go up, this one is a little tricky to find which is attached to the wall just on the left side as you go up by the stairs there. You will find this on the wall, not on the ground.

Priority one : Ingress

Intel 4 – Katanfa Fligth Recorder

As you get to the next objective, after killing the aliens, just go in and instead of going right, go to the left side. Just there on the corner, you will find this Intel near table light on the table.

Intel 5 – Dead Facehugger

After or Before defending the computer, go down the left side of the stairs and move further until you see a squared shaped box just behind that you will find this Dead Facehugger that you need to collect.

Intel 6 – Calonial Indenture Contract

After reaching a large hall room there with some fuel tanks there, the checkpoint will say go to the far left but instead of going left, go down to the left in the corner you will find a desk there you will get this Intel.

Priority one : Rescue

Intel 7 – Eye on Seegson

After completing level 1 and reaching level 2, moving further in the corridor. the game will show you a checkpoint to go straight, but instead of going straight just move to the left side of the room. You will see a small round table on the left side where you can find this Intel.

Intel 8 – Liquid Replenishment Latex

Move towards the checkpoint, moving on the staircase, You will find a door or way to go right side where you will find a squared shape box on which you will find this Intel.

Intel 9 – Seegson Maintenance Jack

Following the next checkpoint, in the middle of the hall, that shows to switch the computer on but besides that, go to the left side a way out to the door. Stay left side of that area until you find a workbench on the left side which is slightly hidden there you will find this Intel.

Priority one : Extract

Intel 10 – Hoenikker’s ID Badge

As the game starts, don’t follow the checkpoint and just go backside to the elevator by moving right side to the checkpoint. You will find an ID Badge on the ground near the orange coloured signs.

Intel 11 – Cargo Manifest

After collecting the Hoenikker’s ID Badge, on the left side of the hallway, go down there on the left side. You will see a normal traffic cone just like on the highways, just sticking to that you will find this Cargo manifest intel.

Intel 12 – Cracked Roots Squadron Cap

Now at the End of the level, you will be told to go to the ship above to complete the mission. But instead of that, just go left. After following to the staircase on the right at the end of the wall, you will find this cap.

Giants in the Earth : Insertion

Intel 13 – Empty Can of Aspen 

Empty Can of Aspen 

Just at the start of this level, after killing the xenomorphs, go downside and further you will see a tent on the right side which looks like a cave. Going inside the tent, you will find this Intel on the stack of crates.

Intel 14 – Colonial Protection Act of 2187

Colonial Protection Act of 2187

Now after you completed your previous objective, you will end up in a cave with a rocky area. Instead of going left and fighting with Xenomorphs just go right in the right corner where you will find this intel on the crate.

Intel 15 – Pilot’s Cowboy Hat

Pilot's Cowboy Hat

Once you got the chance to cross the bridge at the end of the level, just go to the left towards the trucks, forklifts and other kinds of stuff, you will find this Intel behind the crates on a round table which is a cowboy hat.

Giants in the Earth : Contact

Intel 16 – CMISRS

This Intel is pretty easy to find, just after the start of the level, as you go further ahead, you will see a large stone face sculpture. Just below the big face, you will find this intel on the crates.

Intel 17 – The Frontier War

As you completed the previous objective, follow the path ahead until you see a big stone sphere ball in the middle of your path. Just move to the right side of the sphere where you will find this Intel.

Intel 18 – Weyland-Utani Ballcap

Now at the end of this level, before or after the fight as your choice, you will see some stones sculptures and an area, Just go along to the left side of the area you will see a thing like a cart where you will find this Cap on the ground.

Giants in the Earth : Evacuate

Intel 19 – Hoenikker’s Signed NDA

At the Objective “Collect and Attach Synth Core” instead of moving to the checkpoint go to the left down the stairs, and after that go in the middle where you can see some lights coming from. There you will find this Intel on the table.

Intel 20 – Rodriguez’s ID Badge

After entering this area down with a working area, with charging stations, just move forward until you find stairs going up. Just after you reach the stairs up move to the left, you will see this Intel on the middle crate.

Intel 21 – Server Panel

Now at the end, when you get into the big ship battle, here is the last intel. There you will find Engineer Statues, just at the left of the statue, you will see a station opened from all the sides. There is the last Intel underneath the station on the crates

The Gift of Fire : Recon

Intel 22 – 40th Marine Expeditionary Unit

At this mission, this intel is very much easy to find. At the start of the level, you will see a big statue turning back. Just go near under the statue, slightly left side, you will see a computer where you will get this Intel

Intel 23 – Issue of “Unexplained Universe

Now you will be in an underground place where is your next checkpoint. just go forward passing the checkpoint to the right side until you see a small place with some crates. There you will get this Intel with an orange traffic cone.

Intel 24 – Empty Pathogen Ampule

After moving further, at the end you see a big face Sculpture facing you. Just ignore the checkpoints there and go to the middle behind the big face. you will see this intel there.

The Gift of Fire : Advance

Intel 25 – Scientist’s Notepad with Glyphs

Now after reaching this level and completing the fights, you have to follow the checkpoint which leads to a strange tunnel, which will automatically open when you reach there. After reaching just jump onto the left side area and further move to the left corner to see this Intel on the Crates.

Intel 26 – Gateway Station

As you had completed the previous objective, now move on to the next objective which will again move you to the opening tunnel. After passing the tunnel check the way to go to the right side by little ramp there. You will find this Intel on the computer table there.

Intel 27 – Dead “Popper”

Further, after you move further in the level, you will see a way to the left side which is a curved ramp that takes you to the top, you will see the checkpoint but move to the left direction, there you will find this creature which is a dead xenomorph.

The Gift of Fire : Boarding

Intel 28 – Strange Helmet

Now at this level, when you start go left with the checkpoint. Just don’t go down to the checkpoint and check at the right side where you will see a large hologram of ship, go to the last one and go back where you will find this intel on the chair on the backside of the ship.

Intel 29 – Severed “Stalker” Tentacle

After reaching the next objective that is “Download memory”, just go to the left side of the checkpoint which shows on the ground. Go downside with ramps then on the left side. Again you will see pilot chairs, on the back left side you will find this Intel on the ground.

Intel 30 – Control Flute

Later you will see something big like Engineer flights control system, move to the round left with the checkpoint mark. but just before the checkpoint you will see the pilot chair and forward to that there is your last intel in this area.

The Only Way to Be Sure : Breach

Intel 31 – Armat Weapons Case

Now at this new level of the breach mission, you will be at the corridor, kill the xenomorph, and move further, Jump the yellow barrier and just move to the first right entrance where you will see the first intel of this level.

Intel 32 – Salivary Gland from Spitter

Now after you enter the hive area, you will get into this weird looking nest. Just kill all the xenomorphs and go further in the left direction. Just on the right down side of the blocked door, you will see this Intel

Intel 33 – UA Centennial Poster

As you will see a yellow barrier move forward, kill the xenomorphs by going left and move up with the stairs. After moving up go to right the slightly left so that you can find a table with a laptop and steel round container where you will see the next intel.

The Only Way to Be Sure : Search

Intel 34 – Partially Dissolved Helmet

Now on the next level, you will be again in the weird-looking nest, go ahead by Following the flares. You will see the checkpoint on the right side but don’t go there. Just go straight forward along the way until you reach the end with a locked door. There on the left side of the door, you will find this Intel on a crate.

Intel 35 – Hyperdyne Weapons Catalogue

After collecting the Intel, you will further see some downgoing stairs. Just go with the stairs on the right side going down. Just move down two times to the stairs then move to the left instead of going down with stairs. You will find this Intel on the crate close to the Locked door.

Intel 36 – Union of Progressive Peoples

Now you will be Entered into the new area. First, move up with the stairs then go left side then go forward until you see a stair going to the right downside. As you reached down right just see two barrels attached to the stairs, there is your next Intel.

The Only Way to Be Sure : Regicide

Intel 37 – Drone Shedding

As you start this level, you will be in an area where you have to defend the computer but instead of this, go to the left upside going metal stairs and after reaching the top move slightly on the right side where you will find this Intel.

Intel 38 – Three World Empire

Now you will be entered in a maze-like area, Move to the extreme left side by going with the ramps where you will see the checkpoint on the right side, but don’t go there. Just move forward on the left until you see the area is closed there. You will see the Intel there on the metal boxes.

Intel 39 – Corporal Shipp’s Dog Tags

Now at the last, as you clear the previous checkpoint where you have to restore the elevator, you will come across the same maze-like cave area, where the checkpoint shows you in the right direction. But again instead of going right, go left.

You will see three crates in the middle with lights on them facing towards you. Just behind that, you will see some closed area with barricades where you will get your last Intel.

These were the All Intel Locations of all the Missions from complete to the End, by following this guide you will be able to get all the 39 Intels very quickly. If you find any of them difficult to understand, just try to check the location by the screenshots of the areas.

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