All 8 Letter Locations In Roblox Beatland 2022

Roblox Beatland is a great place for various different music communities to enjoy music and vibe together with their friends. In this article, we will guide you through all of the 8 letter locations in Roblox Beetland. We know these can be hard to find, so let’s get right into it.

Roblox has been the centre of kid-friendly Lego-based games and it has grown more and more popular every day by providing games ranging from simulations to adventure and RP for a wide range of ages. While we talk about games in Roblox, codes to get freebies are a bit part of it.

Letter #1

The first letter is very easy and simple and we’re sure you’ve already gotten this one. But if you haven’t just look around as you spawn into the game. The first letter is rotating on the top of the little green podium. This will be your first letter ‘E’ Claim this one and let’s move on.

Letter #2

For the second later, also fairly easy, to turn your camera up and look for the building with a huge T on top of it. Once you find it, head towards the building and go inside it from the main entrance. You will find the letter ‘D’ rotating upside-down behind the first pillar that has green plants all around it.

Letter #3

Head out of the T building to find your next letter. You will see the Cinema building on the left side of the road. No, you do not have to enter the building. Just follow it through the road and on the other side you will see a little, innocent letter ‘B’ chilling on the balcony. You can use one of the boosters to jump inside the balcony and claim the letter.

Letter #4

Next, head over to the Electronic Beats building. As soon as you enter, you will see stairs on the left side. Climb the stairs and head straight to find another set of stairs. Climb these stairs and you will almost be at the top of the building. Go towards the right path and you will find the letter ‘A’ in the right corner.

Letter #5

To find the ‘L’ in Beetland, head back in through the main entrance of Electronic art and instead of climbing the stairs, go straight in this time. Head behind the stage from the left side and turn right. You will find the letter in a little stall on your left.

Letter #6

Head back to the spawn and you will see a little shop with beats written on it and a symbol with pink on the top. It’s a completely white design inside and not that hard to find. Head inside and go behind the yellow wall. You will see the second ‘A’ right in front of you.

Letter #7

For this letter, when you’re looking towards the big T building, follow the road on the right side. Once you start following the road, you will see the actual letter ‘T’ at the very end of it which should’ve been inside the T building to make more sense, but we’ll take it.

Letter #8

For the final letter, head back over to where you got the letter on the balcony of the Cinema. In front, across the road, you will see a bus stand and behind the bus stand, you will see stairs leading up to an area on the left. Head over there and you will get your final letter ‘N’.

And that will be all of the letters in Roblox Beatland. Hope this article was helpful.

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