All 8 Saghira Machine Puzzles Solved Genshin Impact (Location)


If you were looking for a guide to conquer All 8 Saghira Machine Puzzles in Genshin Impact you’ve come to the right place! We have made this guide to be extremely useful as well as of great help with exactly what you were looking for in the video game (A Strange Energy Extraction Device).

Genshin Impact 3.0 has introduced The Strange Energy Extraction Device as a new Sumeru puzzle feature. We’ve carefully gone through various resources and provided a swift walkthrough to explain in brief all the 8 Saghira Machine puzzles. So read on till the end.

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The Strange Energy Extraction Device is located with Eremite camps across Sumeru. (Picture: YouTube / Genshin Impact)

All 8 Saghira Machine Puzzles Genshin Impact Location

Once Travelers have found all the Control keys, they can use them to shut down the extractor and complete Strange Energy Extraction Device challenges. However, it’s just the first step to getting past it. After shutting down the machines, waves of Eremite enemies will be called up to the extractor to try to reactivate it and keep it thataway

Hence, Travelers must defeat them once and for all to prevent the Eremites from continuing to use the Strange Energy Extraction Device. The only catch here is they’ll need to do so within a specified time to make sure the deactivation process is completed.

It’s still unclear how many Eremite camps will populate the Sumeru region and to judge the difficulty of each challenge. It’s also underdetermined if they’ll drop any rewards upon completion of the Strange Energy Extraction Device, and as such, we’ll try our best to keep this guide updated once more reliable information is available.

This guide about All 8 Saghira Machine Puzzles Genshin Impact (A Strange Energy Extraction Device), was brought to you by Game Guides Channel on their YouTube, and we couldn’t be more thankful for the channel responsible for this amazing guide and for helping the video gaming community with their best guides and walkthroughs of our favourite video games. Let’s hope they keep helping us novices with their extraordinary guides and gameplays.

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