All About Prove Mom Wrong By Being A Famous Rapper Tycoon

Roblox is known to make game stories for a while now and this time it’s no different. The game we are looking out for today is called Prove mom wrong by being a famous rapper tycoon. Here the situation is such that your mom thinks you can’t spit bars and will never make it big in life or anywhere and we have one mission, to prove her absolutely wrong! For proving her wrong, you start recording your own mixtapes and start selling them on the streets to become the greatest rapper of all time.

So the game is all about a thug-looking character, you, chilling in t your mom’s house and is all ragged and dirty and mom’s not happy about it at all, she yells at the player’s character for being useless and not bringing any success or money or fame to the house.

Everything You Need To Know

Prove Mom Wrong By Being A Famous Rapper

In the game, you are basically a thug rapper who can actually rap with the help of on-screen controls which when selected progresses with the rap sentence and continues to generate a rap in the process. It is up to your creativity as to how cheesy your created rap is. You have to press the indicated key to complete the sentence and continue the rap and if you happen to miss some presses, it notifies you by displaying ‘miss’ or if you nailed it then ‘nice’, ‘perfect’, ‘swag’ is written, indicating your status.

You can also access your personal computer and buy some items for 1-6$ for improving your rap setup or enabling your rap to sell fast or even earn more money per sale than usual:

  • Faster recording – 1$ for Ten secs
  • Faster Selling – 5$ for Two CDs per sale
  • More money per sale – 6$ for earning 5$ per rap session

Depending on your rap, it’s not necessary that people who you are selling will be amused or to say the least, satisfied and you often end up hearing a negative remark or two. You can also hire some friends and for that, you will find the floating options which can be accessed as you progress on your journey to prove mom wrong.

items prove mom wrong

You can buy some powerups as well from the Roblox store which might aid in becoming a famous rapper and also prove mom wrong in the long run:

  • Energy drinks
  • Faster Recording
  • Hire salesman
  • Sprint

You can also expand your room or studio if you would like to call that and buy clout and unlock a lot more stuff that will act as upgrades to your journey to becoming famous. Just follow and utilize what is mentioned and your money will automatically increase as you hire more and more friends, which will eventually reach 1M and its game won!

Check out the game here!/about

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