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Roblox BedWars is a multiplayer strategy game in which you must protect your bed from other players. It was introduced into beta on May 28, 2021, and has quickly earned a large following among Roblox users. It’s a remake of Hypixel’s popular BedWars game.

The developers utilised code from their other highly successful game, Islands, making it easier to update both games. As of October 13, 2021, the game had 1.3 billion place visits and had a larger concurrent player count than their other project, Islands.

Players can construct custom matches using various commands in addition to playing classic matches. We’ve compiled a list of all the commands that can be used in a custom match to assist participants.

Commands in Bedwars

  • /announce Message: Sends a personalised message or announcement to all participants in the game.
  • /blacklistitem Item Name: To prevent an item from being used in a match, replace the Name in command with the item’s name. If the item’s name contains more than one word, use underscores to separate the words.
  • /disablekit Replace the Name in command with the kit’s name to prevent it from being used in a match.
  • /hub: To return to the lobby hub, type this command.
  • /kick UserName: To kick a player from the game, replace Username with the player’s name in the command.
  • /setDeathmatchTime NN: Set a deathmatch countdown by replacing NN with any number larger than zero.
  • /setGeneratorMultiplier NN: Change the spawn rate of players by replacing NN with any number larger than zero. The player will spawn faster if the number is lower.

Swords are the most common weapon used in warfare. You can start with a wood sword or get a sword from the shop. These are all of the swords, from the poorest to the best. Wood, Stone, Iron, Diamond, Emerald, and Rage are some of the elements.

Now, if you equip the barbarian kit, you can kill players, which will level up your sword. However, instead of the Emerald sword, your final sword is the most powerful sword in the game, the Rage Blade, which you can only get in normal gameplay with the barbarian kit, but you can find it in a lucky block in luck block mode.

  1. what about /spawn wool_red and /spawn balloon and so much more like for telepearls, fireballs, and all the items in hand and body like the jugunnut armor and warrior armor a lot more

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