All Known Neon Super Slide Spots in Valorant (All Maps)

Valorant’s latest speedster agent Neon may be more overpowered than you thought. Not only can she run about 30% faster but apparently she can slide off of a wall at a much higher speed.

To effectively do this, you need an elevated platform and a straight wall beside it to slide off of. You can then aim your crosshair towards the wall standing at the edge of the platform and then activate your High Gear (E) ability and then use alt-fire to slide on the wall. If done correctly, you will get a great speed boost.

This may be an exploit but that isn’t stopping a few content creators to dish out Neon “Super-Slide” clips where they zoom past enemies and shoot them in the back. Here are the favorite spots that can be used to gain an advantage to outplay your enemies, try these out before they get patched.

Please note that, these super slides of neon are bugs in the game, which need to be fixed by the developers and can get patched (fixed) at any moment, if the linups are not working most probably they are patched.

Hut to Screens/ Snowman on Icebox

This is a great spot to initiate a super-slide. You can climb the railings on either side of the Hut platform right outside of the kitchen. Then you just need to face towards the wall and start sliding towards either screen on the left or snowman on the right. This is a particularly good super-slide because you can rotate to either site, wherever your team needs a duelist’s support, in the blink of an eye.

A Heaven Superslide on Haven

This one might not be for every round but you can use this if you have a good read on your opponent’s positions, and adapt situationally. To use this, you need to stand on the edge of heaven’s pane and then activate your e ability to fall towards the wall on the left side of A site and slide as you make contact. This slingshots you towards A main with great speeds. So remember this one if you’re trying to make an aggressive Neon plays montage.

Fracture A Site Superslide

For this one, you need to position yourself on the second floor of the A site then face the fall leading to Drop like shown. You can then High Gear into the wall and slide as you make contact to instantly relocate to a different part of the A site for some easy kills. You can combine this with a couple of key Relay Bolts towards A main and stairs to make it more efficient.

A Ramps to Main Superslide on Split

This is a great Superslide for an early contest on the defender side. You need to position yourself on the left side of the cubby and then slide off of the wall in front to quickly reach the enemy’s entry point, catching them off-guard. This one is especially effective if done with Neon’s ult where you have the potential to get multiple frags by just spray transfering.

The Famous Average Jonas Spot on Breeze Mid

This is from one of the most viewed clips from the streamer AverageJonas. To use this, you need to ask your Sage teammate nicely, to place her wall on one of the rocks on mid so that you can position yourself as shown in the image. Then you can easily slide off the Roti-Boatie wall to quickly get some picks off of unaware enemies.

So these are the most used spots for Neon’s super slides. Most clips of super slides you see will be using these. This does not mean it does not work on any other spot, you may find your favored spots yourself, just keep in mind not to overdo it, or you may get reported for bug abuse.

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Aditya is an ardent PC gamer, game developer and content writer. He covers the upcoming AAA games ranging from multiplayer shooters to story based campaigns. You can always depend on him for the latest on the greatest and the best recommendations that you can get.

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