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Call Of Duty: Warzone 2.0’s All Pois In Ashika Island Map

The Resurgence mode is returning in Season 2 of Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0. The new map made solely for this game mode, dubbed ‘Ashika Island‘ (a.k.a. ‘Isle of the Sea Lion‘) will be available to play starting from February 15th, 2023.

So far, we know that the word ‘Ashika’ is Japanese for ‘Sea Lion’ and unsurprisingly, the map’s appearance is also inspired by Japan, which is evident in the official trailer and screenshots posted by Activision. We also know that the map will be smaller than Al Mazrah. However, this information alone is not enough to give you, the player, a strategic advantage when Season 2 comes out. What you need to know are the Points of Interest (POIs) to have an edge over the other players, and we’re here to help you out with them.

Points of interest in Warzone’s Ashika Island

POIS Ashika Island Map 1
An aerial overview of Ashika Island and its POIs (Source: Activision)

Ōganikku Farms

The northwestern part of the map is comprised of a shoreline defence, mixed agricultural facilities, industries, and residences. The landmarks include a comms tower and ruin at the northwestern edge; the North Beach on the other side facing the sea and a water treatment facility on the eastern side; and finally the Greenhouses situated inside a large agricultural facility, which serves as the entrance to Ōganikku Farms on the South-eastern front.

oganikku farms
Overview of Ōganikku Farms (source: Activision)

Town Center

It’s the diverse and lively-looking part of the map located on the West side. Some landmarks to look out for in this area include the North Sea wall, Ferry Terminal; Tourist, Event, and Science Center buildings; the gas station, Market District, and the Town Hall.

town center
Overview of the Town Center (Source: Activision)

Beach Club

Located at the southwestern edge of the map, it contains facilities oriented for recreation. This part of the map is not as dense as others, as the structures and buildings are more openly spaced out. This can translate to ease of navigation or less available cover, depending on the situation. Some of the landmarks to look out for in this area include the Aquarium, Beach Club and Bath House, Observation Point, Demolition Site, and the Beach.

beach club
Overview of Beach Club (source: Activision)

Tsuki Castle

This beautiful Japanese fortress is located at the centre of the map, which might also mean that it’ll be at everyone’s centre of attention. Some of the highlights of this area include the Main Stronghold, Northwest Battlements, North Museum Grounds, Southeast Gardens, and the underground Waterways.

tsuki castle
Overview of Tsuki Castle (source: Activision)

Port Ashika

A sea port of the same name as the island, located at the Southeastern edge of the map. The port is connected to the Tsuki Castle, consequently to the submarine base through the canals. As expected, you’ll mostly find storage and port-related facilities in this area. Some of the landmark places to look out for include the Humpack Bridge, Warehouses situated on the dockside, the Canal, Floating Gas Station in the bay area, the Rocky Bluffs, and the Mechanics Yard with Oil Vats.

Port ashika
Overview of Ashika Island (source: Activision)


On the Northeastern side of the map is where the residential area lies. Contrary to what the name suggests, this part of the map also includes some industrial structures in addition to the residential housing. The key locations in this area include the low-rise Apartments, the Power Plant, the Water Treatment Facility, and the Residential District.



This is the wreckage that lies on the Eastern edge of the map, as no island is complete without a place for the abandoned and wrecked ships. In this part of the map, look out for key locations such as the Beached Cargo Tanker, abandoned Containers, Clifftop Demolition, the Gas Station, and the comms tower near it.

Overview of Shipwreck (source: Activision)

For an in-depth breakdown of all POIs on the map, refer to the official blog post. For more helpful guides, news, and all things related to gaming, keep an eye out for new posts on FutureGaming.

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