Propnight: All the Killers and their Abilities Explained

propnight killers abilties

Propnight is the newly released, Horror Survival & Prop Hunt-based, multiplayer Game which got released on 30 November 2021, Developed by FNTASTIC, and is available to play on Microsoft windows.

The Propnight is a 4vs1 multiplayer game, where you can enjoy the prop hunt and can turn anything to hide into the game. You can play easily play and take over the Survivors or as Killers.

But, if you chose to Play with the Killers, you need to know everything about the Killers, what killers are there in the game, and their abilities that you can use.

Choose Between Survivor & Killer

In the Propnight, you can take a survivor or killer whatever you want, but you should know what you can do with Survivors as well as killers if you take any of them.

Also, in this post, we are going to show you every killer in the Propnight that exists currently, and their abilities in the game.

  • Play as a Survivor –
    To escape the killer, you can transform into any prop. Also to escape, repair the Propmachines.
  • Play as a Killer –
    Take up the role of a savage killer. To win, you must hunt down other players (Survivors).

All Killers Lists in the Propnight

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To choose the killers, you must know what killers are in the game, we will be showing you all the killers in propnight here, and you can easily select which killer in propnight is best for you.

Currently, there are a total of four killers in the game, that you can take which are explained below –

  1. Banshee
  2. Granny
  3. Imposter
  4. Keymaster

Propnight Killers Abilities

All the Four Killers in the game have their own abilities that are very much useful in the game, There is a total of four abilities allotted to each killer which are different from each other.

BansheeCurse, Scream, Flight, Hunt
GrannyMine, Astral, Throw, Hunt
ImposterOverload, Spy, Prop, Hunt
KeymasterSpectral Eyes, Explode, Hunt


Banshee is one of the scariest killers in the Propnight, which looks like Valak from The Conjuring 2.

  • Curse: This Ability allows the Killers to Curse the Propmachines to make it more difficult to repair for the survivors.
  • Scream: The Scream Ability allows the killers to scream in a certain distance or radius that will damage the survivors and shows who are affected in the given range.
  • Flight: This Ability allows the Banshee to fly in any direction she wants. It will Fly in the direction where it is faced and is a rechargeable ability.
  • Hunt: This Ability is the aggressive one, where it will allow you to move fast in any direction, during the chase of any survivor.


The Second Killer in the game is Granny, which might sound like an old, slow lady, but this is the only killer which comes with some great abilities for catching survivors easily.

  • Mine: The First Ability is Mine, which allows her to place a knife on the Machine, and it will detect the survivor if they come in contact and will kill him.
  • Astral: This Ability is fun to use, it makes the granny invisible and fasts for the same time. So, it is fun to chase the survivors invisibly.
  • Throw: The Throwing ability is very much useful to catch a damaged survivor by throwing her knife towards the survivor.
  • Hunt: Allow Killers to move fast in any direction, during the chase of any survivor.


The Imposter here is one of the sneakiest killers amongst all the killers in propnight, where it is clear from the ‘Imposter’ name that it plays hide and seek with the survivors and spies on them.

  • Overload: Overload ability will help the Imposter to check and detect the prop machines through walls if they are being repaired.
  • Spy: The Spy ability is again the fun one, It allows the Imposter to get change their appearance to any of the survivors, and have a sneak peek.
  • Prop: This Ability comes from the Survivors side, where they can turn into any object to hide somewhere, Using this Prop ability Imposter can also hide by turning into some object.
  • Hunt : Allow Killers to move fast in any direction, during the chase of any survivor.


The Last Killer here in the Propnight is Keymaster, it is mostly used for hunting purposes. So use this killer to spy and hunt at the same time.

  • Spectral Eyes: For a Short Period of time, this ability allows the keymaster to see the teenagers highlighted in the game.
  • Explode: The second ability works the same as Granny’s throw ability but is a little different. It allows keymaster to throw projectiles and explodes after being thrown.
  • Hunt: Allow Killers to move fast in any direction, during the chase of any survivor.
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