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Elden Ring: A Complete Guide to all Spells and Incantations

This article will go over all the Magic Spells, Glintstone Sorcery, and Incantations that you can now acquire in Elden ring. I should mention that it will only be a fraction of what will be available to us in the entire game.

All Spells in Elden Ring Guide:

Below you will find a compiled list of all the spells in Elden ring, Read all of them carefully so that you can play the game easily and become a master of these spells.

Glintstone Pebble:

This is one of the starting spells you get the enchanted knight with, and this is like your soul arrow type spell that shoots a projectile in which you can mash r1 again and have a couple of these spells put consecutively. These spells deal damage quickly, and it has a pretty long range. This is your best option against trash enemies and enemies that move very who are hard to hit.

Carian Piecer:

This is essentially a sword spell that comes out as a thrust when you cast, it does do a lot of damage, and it makes this class quite good in terms of melee combat because you can get in close and use it, or you could back away and use Glintstone Pebble and all of this without equipping a weapon except for your staff, this does work quite well against tough to kill enemies.

Glintstone Stars:

This essentially shoots three glenstone pebbles at once that track your enemy; It costs twice the mana of Glintstone Pebble, which means it’s more mana efficient. It is a bit overkill on weak enemies and is best suited for the medium to hard to kill enemies to conserve mana.

Glintstone Arc:

This spell shoots a wave of blue magic out that pierces enemies and has a broader area of effect than the Glintstone Pebble, it doesn’t hit in an AOE, but it hits in an arc in front of you so it can clip more enemies if they’re a little bit more spread out. Still, I should mention it’s not a vast arc, and some players didn’t find it that helpful playing, but it does pierce enemies, so it’s good when you have a large group of enemies you need to attack.

Magic Bubble:

This spell shoots multiple projectile globes in front of you that hang in the air and then explode. It’s pretty hard to use this ability since you would have to anticipate where an enemy is going to be, if the enemy is stationary or if they are massive and can’t move out of the way; otherwise, this isn’t a spell that you would use that often because it’s a little difficult to use regularly.


This is a pretty exciting spell. You put your staff down and shoot three meteorites that go spread out. It’s pretty hard to hit something with all three of these meteorites and add to that the fact that the spell has a very long cast time. You have to be very careful when you use it, or you can get interrupted quite quickly, so it’s challenging to use, but it’s a very high damage spell.

Briars of Sin:

In this spell, you hurt yourself and set some of the hemorrhage status effects build up on your bar, and you can spam this three times in a row, which takes more and more damage off you and creates an AOE around you that deals damage. It’s pretty challenging to use since the first attack is much slower than the subsequent ones, and if enemies are that close to you, usually
they’re going to hit you and interrupt you before you can use it, but if you get good at it, you have an opportunity to AOE enemies.


These are effectively miracles and pyromancies from the soul’s games combined. These all scale off faith, whereas sorcery scale off intelligence. You’ll probably be using these if you’re playing as the champion class or the prophet class since both of them start with sacred seals.


This is a vast heal that costs a lot of mana, but it heals you significantly, and it understandably takes some time to cast.so if you like healing or you want to be able to use your fp to cure, this is great to have in your rotation of spells because it allows you to go up to four flasks that recover fp, and then if you need to heal, you can go ahead and use one spell to heal, though this a higher-risk way to play.

Beast Claw:

Beast Claw is a high damage spell that hits in a frontal cone that goes through targets so that you can take out tons of enemies at once. It’s perfect in packs. You can use it on horseback; you can use it against bosses and so on.

It is arguably one of the best spells in the closed network, which is why you can’t get it until you finish the network test with any other class. The only downside to this spell is that it doesn’t work in water since it’s a ground-based spell.

Cure Poison:

The next spell is cure poison. This does exactly what it says it does. It cures the poison status of you. As far as I am aware, there’s only one enemy type in the closed network test that sets the poison status effect, which is helpful in the closed network test.


The rejection incantation will remind you of the emit force from the soul’s games; basically, it creates an AOE field around you that knocks enemies back; you can charge it up to knock them back even further and hit in a more extensive range. It is something you can use to get out of a pickle effectively.

The flame of frenzy:

This is an exciting spell. It shoots fire projectiles forward somewhat randomly but at relatively the same range, and it does very significant damage to the targets, but it also sets some madness.

Build upon your character; when your madness buildup bar is complete, it drains your mana, so you should watch for that. You should be safe if you don’t mash it again and again.

Litany of proper death:

This is a frontal cone AOE that deals with significant damage to undead characters. This wasn’t used that much since the vast majority of enemies in the close network test are not undead, at least as if now. Maybe it might work well on some of the bosses. I presume we will be seeing that soon.

Oh, Flame:

This will remind you of the combustion spell from dark souls 2, in which you snap your fingers, and a little bit of flame comes out in front of you. This could be used while you spam it quickly to inflict significant damage. It does have a sort range. It can be cast repeatedly, so it is helpful while meleeing.

Feast upon flame:

This is effectively fireball from the souls series. This allows you to fling a ball of fire. It has a pretty good range. You can throw it from quite far away, so you should hit targets from a pretty respectable distance if your aim is good.


This essentially summons a giant dragon head that shoots fire in a massive cone in front of you, the only class that can use this spell is the champion. It comes as his starter incantation, so it might be that if you want to use this spell, then you need to pick the champion class; it’s pretty good and also works well on horseback because you can move backward and spin while you’re casting it and that would help you deal massive damage.

Greyolls Roar:

This spell summons a dragon’s head that does a giant roar. It does have a very long cast time but deals substantial damage to anything in front of you. It also decreases the attack power of the target you hit, so it would be not harmful to debuff a boss with this the beginning of a fight for facing them.

That’s about all the spells available to us on the closed network test; I also recommend checking this video out to get some more visuals on the spells.

credits: Fextralife
Written by
Mansur Jurabi

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