All-Star Towers Defense: Level Up Your Star Pass! Faster

All-Star Towers Defense is a tower defence gameplay for a Roblox with an exciting twist. Instead of defensive the usual turrets and guns, there are anime/manga characters. The main protagonist and antagonists from your favourite anime are cast in this game with their iconic spells.

Now there are numerous ways to get a new protagonist. One way is finished Star Pass. Well, we will express to you how to level up your Star Pass in All-Star Tower Defense.

How To Level Up A Star Pass In All-Star Towers Defense?

All you will need to earn XP levels to level up your Star Pass. There are numerous approaches you can try to haste up levelling. The Star Pass is efficient every three days with new levels additional. We suggest you use dissimilar strategies for no-win situations with him. Here are two plans that work well:

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  • Story mode Making
  • Go to the story mode
  • Make sure you have Genos through you
  • Skip from to saga for beginners
  • Complete all surfs
  • Get level skill
  • Boundless mode
  • Get Some Jenos in your inventory
  • Go to eternity mode
  • Choose from a regular card
  • Put your Genos on the mapping
  • Select Dangerous difficulty when it appears.
  • Your Genos must live to wave 10.
  • As soon as the game tops on the 10th wave, you will receive level involvement points.
  • You will have to do this double after level 25

What Is Exactly A Star Pass On All-Star Towers Defense?

In All-Star Towers Defense Star Pass is a development system added in Update 27. You can earn sure rewards through Star Pass. To obtain rewards, you will need to gain skill levels and ascend the levels. Each level will have a prize such as units (protagonist), XP, coins, gems, and egg pods.

  • There are deuce Star Pass tracks.
  • Free from the passage
  • Star Passes Ultra


All-Star Towers Defense

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All-Star Towers Defense Ultra bounces you additional rewards. You can get Star Pass extreme by buying it for 799 Robux. Unlike other games, you can also get a Star Pass finished Banner Z in World 2 as a 6-star pass using 1 Mysterious Key and 20 Egg Capsules or finished a trade.

These are the methods we endorse to level up the Star Pass in All-Star Tower Defense. You can try your methods and policies to level up faster.


How Do You Level Up The Star Pass In All-Star Towers Defense?

To get tiers you have to earn Tiers XP by singing Story Mode, any of Immeasurable Mode, or Material Farm, with the necessities being: Reaching Wave 8. Deal some amount of injury (not necessary, but the result from remaining alive up to Wave 8)

How Do You Get To World 2 In ASTD?

World II is a novel world that is unlocked by attainment level 100. At the end of the Serpent’s Way, there is a portal that will teleport you hooked on World II. (If you are level 100, you will mechanically be teleported to the end of the Serpent’s Way.)

How Do You Get RYUK In ASTD?

In instruction to get him, someone necessity wins the video of the week on the Discord server. To enter, you have to brand an ASTD-related video, and Fruity (one of the game’s creators) will choose what he thinks is the drollest video. The creator of that video obtains Death. Don’t worry you’ll get revived!

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