All Wattson Legendary Skins in Apex Legends 2022

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Apex Legends is one of the few battle royale games that has managed to remain relevant even after the overall decline in the popularity of battle royale games. The game still has a very loyal and passionate fanbase that really enjoys its fast-paced take on the genre. The developers have always supported the game heavily with constant updates to keep the game fresh.

The game also features various skins for each character of a different rarity. The best skins that you can get are legendary and they are not really easy to find, undoubtedly one of the best feelings an Apex player can experience is getting the legendary skin for their main. Today we are looking at all the legendary skins of Wattson in Apex Legends.

About Wattson

Wattson was released in the second season of Apex Legends and is locked by default. To unlock the Agent players can either save up the in-game money they get and use it to unlock a new agent or use microtransactions. Players who buy the championship edition do not need to buy Wattson as she is already unlocked in that version of the game.

Wattson 1

Wattson is one of the most unique agents in the game and her playstyle is completely different from any other agent in the game. She excels at area control and trapping her enemies using her unique abilities. Due to this, a small but dedicated community has devoted a lot of time to learning her abilities and playstyle.

How Do You Get Skins?

There are many ways you can get skins in Apex Legends, the most common way is to gather crafting material you get through Apex Packs and use them to craft a skin. You also get skins as rewards in the battle pass and you can even get random skin drops from Apex Packs.

All Legendary Wattson Skins

There are a total of 17 legendary skins of Wattson in the game and we have listed all of the below-

Ace Of Sparks

1. Ace of Sparks 11zon


2 11zon

Cyber Security

3 11zon

Stranger Attractor

4 11zon

Current Champ

5 11zon

The Warrior Empress

6 11zon

Bionic Wonder

7 11zon

Shocking Stuffer

8 11zon


9 11zon

Silver Age

10 11zon

Cyber Punked

11 11zon

Ruby Joules

12 11zon

Outlands Explorer

13 11zon

Wired for Speed

14 11zon

Haute Drop

15 11zon

Rocket Scientist

16 11zon

Chaos Conductor

17 11zon

That’s all for Wattson’ss Legendary skins and we hope now you are able to choose which legendary skin you want to spend your precious crafting material on.

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