All Weapons And Abilities you can use in Ghostwire: Tokyo

Ghost wire: Tokyo is currently on the hit games charts which takes the players into the supernatural world with Akito as the main character in the game. Unlike any other RPG game Ghostwire: Tokyo does not make use of any weapons to deal with the demons.

Here are the complete details of all the weapon powers and ghost abilities that you would be having inside the game Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Basic Weapons 

The basic weapon put by the developers is just the bow and arrow which does have its up-gradation abilities and is no doubt known to be a long-range weapon. 

Hand Spiritual Weapons 

Since we already talked about how the weapons are supernatural and guided by spiritual powers, you would not be surprised to know about how the main lead uses hand gestures to attack. There have been a total of main three charges that the main lead has to defeat the enemies – 

  1. Wind – These wind energies help to throw enemies far away with a huge source of energy. 
  2. Fire – Also, you can generate firepower that would give good damages to the opponent. 
  3. Water – The last but not the least hand weapon is the spiritual water energy that helps in taking the close-range fights. Players can use this energy to knock the enemies easily as its damage is quite high. 

Talisman As A Weapon 

It is no surprise that Talismans are the main part of the game. There have been different types of talismans that can be thrown towards the enemies which would give you an advantage. Talismans like Thicket Talisman, Stun Talisman, Exposure Talisman, and Decoy Talismans are the main talismans in the game that helps in either luring, freezing, summoning or even exposing the enemies around you. 

Ghost Abilities You Need To Know 

In the coolest supernatural yet spiritually leaded Ghostwire: Tokyo game there are some of the coolest abilities that you must be surely aware of if you are playing the game. Ghost abilities would include performing a strike attack, gliding or even grappling. While you can also have the abilities to have a spectral vision, quick purge, a hand seal ability, and wire in abilities too. Also, if you are well known for these abilities then make sure you know to use the Prayer Beads which would help you to enhance the abilities. 

That was all for Ghostwire: Tokyo gaming experience with the weapons and the abilities that every player must know. 

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Anurag Saha

A young millennial who loves gaming and fitness. He usually struggles to find the balance between the two. :)

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