Animal Crossing: How to Find and Grow Gyroid Fragments

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons has its big update released recently, which is the 2.0 Update that comes with lots of cool stuff that is added into the game.

The Gyroid has been added to the game, the gyroid fragments, You can find these Gyroids easily by following this post, and placing them wherever you like.

What are Gyroids in Animal Crossing?

The Gyroids are the statues in Animal crossing, which are a decoration that makes its own music when placed in your house with the music player. It was originated from ancient Japanese sculptures named Haniwa, buried with the dead.

There are strongly active if you place them inside your house, but will not do anything outside the house. Also, You can also customize the Gyroid pallet to any colour that you want.

All Gyroids in Animal Crossing: New Horizon

As Total of 35 different types of gyroids in the game, with different variants, consists of a total of 189 gyroids in the game.

These are some of the Gyroids in the game, all the gyroids are listed below.

  • Squeakoid
  • Boioingoid
  • Squeezoid
  • Arfoid
  • Flutteroid
  • Thwopoid
  • Scatteroid
  • Clatteroid
  • Babbloid
  • Ringoid
  • Drummoid
  • Bubbloid

Check more: All Gyroids

How to Find & Grow Gyroids in Animal Crossing

Finding Gyroids is not that tough, you can find and grow the Gyroids easily without doing much. If you are new to Animal Crossing, this can take you some more time to get it done.

  1. Take a Boat Trip by Kapp’n
  2. Sail in for 1,000 Nook Miles
  3. Reach the island
  4. Search for X-shaped holes on ground
  5. Dig up a Gyroid shard.
  6. Take the Gyroid shard back to Home
  7. Plant and Water the shard
  8. The X on ground will show steam
  9. Wait for Next Day
  10. Dig up the Gyroid which is grown now.

I Hope these points above helped you to find and grow the Gyroid very quick, do this method every time to get the fully grown Gyroid back to you, with its own sound.

Also, note that you can only find one Gryoid Fragment and can visit mystory island once per day. You cannot do this in a single day. So start Growing Gyroids and place them in your room to make their own orchestra.

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