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Apex Legends Mobile: Complete Movement Guide for Beginners

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Apex Legends has been released in a selected few countries. This mobile port of the famous shooter PC game has been attracting a lot of new players. Apex Legends veterans and newbies are jumping into this game to experience the mobile gameplay.

For PC players, transitioning from PC to mobile may be difficult. It is also hard for a new mobile gamer to get used to the movement style of Apex Legends. Read this article to familiarize yourself with the movement mechanics of Apex Legends Mobile.

Apex Legends Mobile Trailer. (sourced from AnonymousYT).

Apex Legends Mobile Movement Guide.

Sprinting Mechanic.

In Apex Legends there are two types of running modes. When you push the movement stick upwards your character starts to run. After a moment your character will start sprinting. Sprinting will help you traverse the map faster. Sliding while sprinting will make your character slide longer.


In Apex Legends Mobile you can press the crouch button while running or sprinting to slide. You can also jump while sliding. To do this start running, press the crouch button, and then press the jump button to jump while sliding.

You can only slide for a short amount of time except when you are going down a slope. You can slide all the way a downward slope without stooping in Apex Legends.

Sliding 1
Sliding in Apex Legends Mobile.

You can also jump and slide without having to run. To execute this move simply jump and press the crouch button when you are close to the ground.

Wall mechanics.

You can climb walls and ledges for a short period of time in Apex Legends Mobile. To climb a wall move towards it and press the jump button while moving forward. You won’t be able to climb a wall for more than 5 seconds. Some classes in Apex Legends Mobile have the ability to climb walls for longer.

You can also bounce off a wall in Apex Legends Mobile. To do this sprint towards a wall, press the crouch button to slide and click the jump button. As soon as hit the wall press jump again and let go of your movement stick.

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