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Apex Legends Mobile: How to choose what agent is right for you?

Choosing your main in a game can be difficult as you’d spend hundreds of hours grinding the character you choose to main. So it is natural that players want to find out what character will suit them and start grinding instead of wasting time on multiple characters.

Apex Legends: Mobiles features 9 agents all taken from the main game for you to play as, and with such a variety of characters to choose from players might be left wondering which agent to choose. So we bring this guide to tell you about the agents and which agent will be the best for you.


One of the most popular agents in the main game, Wraith is one of the coolest agents you can choose. She is the most suitable for aggressive players looking to outplay opponents. Her kit allows her to easily flank and surprise their enemies or can be used to easily escape unfavorable situations. Her ultimate also gives her some team utility but mostly wraith is for solo playstyles.


Octane would be a great pick for you if you are looking for a very mobile and fast character. Octane’s tactical ability gives him a speed boost at a cost of some of his health and his ultimate allows him to place a jump pad for more mobility. Octane is one of the best Agents for aggressive players looking to style on their enemies with crazy clips.


Bloodhound is the scout class of Apex Legends and allows players to track the footsteps of their foes and reveal their location. Bloodhound is one of the best agents you can pick and no one on your team will mind as bloodhound provides great team utility with his kit. Undoubtedly bloodhound is a must-pick at higher levels of play.


Players who love the tank class in other games are sure to pick Gibraltar as their main in Apex as he has the highest survivability out of other agents with his passive shield. Gibraltar also has the ability to use a protective dome which can be great for reviving teammates and his ultimate also gives him an offensive ability in his kit. Gibraltar is great for anyone looking for a very balanced and viable agent.


Lifeline is the medic class of Apex as her abilities can revive, heal and even rearm her teammates. With the best team utility in the game, Lifeline is a perfect fit for any team composition and people will love you for picking her. She might not be the flashiest amongst the agents but she sure is great for players looking to win more matches with their team.


Similar to Octane Pathfinder has one of the best mobility in the game with his zipline and grappling hook. Pathfinder is also one of the flashiest agents in the game as his kit allows him to create insane clips. His zipline also provides some great team utility which is always a plus in a team-based shooter.


One of the most unique Agents in the game, Caustic can use his gas canisters or his ultimate ability to emit fumes that damage enemies over time. Caustic is best suited for players with a very defensive style where they try to survive in small spaces and bait their enemies. Players looking for something very different will not be disappointed by Caustic.


Bangalore is one of the most combat-focused agents in the game, all of her abilities focus on combat and outplay potential. If you like to engage in a lot of fights then Bangalore just might be the best pick for you but if you don’t like to rush head-on into fights then you should not bother with her at all as her kit is practically useless out of combat.


Mirage is one of the most annoying classes to go against, some people even call mirage the troll pick of Apex. Mirage’s abilities are based on deception and mind games, players who like to outsmart their opponents would love to play as Mirage as his kit allows him to create multiple decoys that are very frustrating to play against.


All of the agents have their different playstyle and perks, So it basically depends on the person. But if you are a beginner in Apex Legends Mobile then you can try Bloodhound and Lifeline these 2 agents are really good and beginner-friendly.

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