Apex Legends RP Exploit/Glitch Season 12 (Rank UP Fast) 2022

Apex Legends is a free-to-play shooter game that is most famous for its Battle Royale mode. The game is developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. Rank Placements(RP) is one of the biggest objectives for players in Apex, so this article discusses an Apex Legends RP exploit for season 12 to earn RP fast.

Rank is one of the major incentives given for player retainment in any competitive PvP game. Apex Legends gives you RP at the end of every Ranked game which determines your rank in that season. Getting a better rank by the end of the season means better rewards including various amazing trails. With all of this in play, players must be wondering how to rank up faster. In this article, we highlight an Apex Legends RP exploit shown by the team of HisWattson, NV_MessiaH, and crewsn.

Apex Legends RP Exploit

The trio mentioned above was the last split’s Apex Predator squad. Following is the strategy used by them to get more RP in a much more reliable, safer, and according to some people, a fairly boring method.

Step 1: Choose a good landing spot

The landing spot you choose has a huge impact on how you’re going to perform in a particular game. If you choose a spot with a low density of loot, you’re not going to be able to get geared up properly, giving an advantage to your opponents who did land in a good spot.

The first step to getting a lot of RP in Apex is to land in a spot with good loot density while also ensuring there are little to no squads landing with you. This is just a general tactic in Apex. The next step is where this trio performs differently from others.

Apex Legends RP exploit Season 12
Taken from HisWattson

Step 2: Head to the nearest crafting system

This is the major step in this Apex Legends RP exploit. The aim of this trio was always to land at a place with a crafting system. But if somehow they failed to do that, they B-lined it to the nearest crafting system as soon as they were done looting. The crafting system is heavily underrated in Apex Legends.

They stayed at the crafting system and crafted as much as they could even if it meant staying out of the zone for a long time. This can be done easily with the right amount of medkit and it can benefit players in many ways. It helps players get geared up while avoiding all the mid-game third-party fighting and chaos.

Step 3: Head into the zone and fight the final battles

If you’ve followed the second step in this Apex Legends RP exploit, you’re already heavily geared up and ready to take on a fight. Also, it is more than likely that you’re already one of the final squads left in the game.

The Endgame strategy can be different depending on your team but the most important thing is that you and your team are on the same page.

That will do it for the Apex Legends RP exploit to help players rank up fast. While this process was labeled ‘boring’ and ‘unfun’ by many people, it can be a good way to get an insane amount of RP in a short period of time.

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