How to Get Free Apex Legends Skins on Prime Gaming | Explained

Apex legends is a wonderful game to play, also it has many cool skins like other battle royal games that you always want to buy someday. But most of them are really expensive and it is really difficult for all to afford them.

But, wait there is an alternative way, from which you can get Free Apex Legends skins free of cost without paying, but only limited skins are available there and you can only get the skins if you have prime gaming access.

How does Free Skins Work?

We know Prime gaming also gives you the opportunity to claim free skins but is it real? or how does it make it possible.

basically, it is all possible with Prime Gaming, which is a great platform to earn these. With Prime gaming, you can get many free games stuff like – Free Skins, In-game Loots, Game bonuses, Free games and many more.

So, you can get the Prime gaming subscription if you want, and get free stuff. For more information about Prime Gaming, Click here – Official Prime Gaming.

How to Claim Apex Legends Crypto Skins for Free

apex legends crypto skin free

Crypto Skins are one of the best Apex legends skin in the game, in my opinion, there are currently 53 inside skins that come under Crypto, saying about looks, all have premium looks and are absolutely insane.

The Skins which you will claim will last over only for 1 month, there is no rush, just enjoy with the skin for that much time.

With the Prime method, you can get these crypto skins for free, process to claim the skins are explained below –

Steps to Claim Free Skins in Apex legends

Before moving on to the Step by Step instructions, make sure you have an active Prime Gaming Subscmirption, or it will not open for you.

  1. Go to the Official Apex Legends Prime Gaming Page
  2. After that, Login into there
  3. Select your Region and Continue
  4. Fill up your Prime gaming Sign up details
  5. After successfull login, you will see some cool skins there
  6. Choose the Skin and Click Claim now
  7. After that, Link with your Twitch account on the Popup
  8. Click Complete Claim

That’s it. Now you have successfully claimed your free skin from Prime Gaming. After that just go start your Apex Legends on your PC or Console.

You will see the Prime gaming Logo, as you start apex legends, if you don’t see this, try restarting the game or console if you are playing on it.

After your game Opens, You will see the red notification on the Legends tab above. Now you can easily select your Skin from here.

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