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Arcadegeddon Ultimate Survival Tips, and Tricks [Guide]

Rise up and play with up to three friends in this ever-changing (and getting better) cooperative multiplayer shooter. Explore many natural communities, mini-games, find obnubilated chests, and defeat many enemies and strict/excellent figures.

This game is available on epic games and you need to pay around 6$ to buy this game and add it to your library. This game is fun to play with various new features, a variety of gunplay, a huge number of enemies.

This game is still in early access. The developers are planning to keep this game on early access for 7 months. Various patches will be introduced throughout this time period and there will be three seasonal content drops. You can easily check the full roadmap at and also on the game launcher.

What actually is “Arcadegeddon“?

Gilly is the owner of a local arcade and he wants to save his business from a faceless mega-corporation. In order to do so, he makes a super game. The mega-corporation hacks the game and injects viruses into the game. So you have to save the game and the last arcade in your hometown.

Arcadegeddon Tips And Tricks

Arcadegeddon is available on PC, PS, Xbox?

Arcadegeddon is available on Epic Play Store and PS5. This game will be launched soon on other platforms. It targets an audience of the age 13-35 and players who love battle royal and action/adventure games.

“Is Arcadegeddon Worth Playing : Review”

“Is it worth your time”

“Is it worth your money”

Fun, Arcadey, A Doom Eternal Theme Based Popping Head Adventure.

Future Gaming
Arcadegeddon Gameplay Review

We are gonna talk about everything you need to know for this game and at last, we will talk about some tips and tricks to improve your performance.

This is a third-person shooter sneaky and boldly independent game where you go through instanced runs. The difficulty keeps on increasing as you try to get a higher and higher score. This game has a loot system specific to each run which means you will find a gun in the run and that gun stays for the run.

On larger runs, you will find different types of weapons. There’s a melee weapon, a baseball bat, an assault rifle, a shotgun, and many more. Edm types music keeps playing in the background which hypes up the player like they are in a concert playing the game. Similar to “the Hades” game but in Hades, you don’t get a weapon initially.

The enemies in the game have health bars that come popping off as numbers when you shoot them. This is an interesting feature and headshots or weak shots are shown with a different color. There is a leaderboard where compete with other players. You have different multiplayer modes like single, duos, trio, and quads.

Arcadegeddon Guns ammo upgrade

Final Opinion: It is Fun, It is Arcadey. It kind of feels like a Doom Eternal player with blasting music and that’s the takeaway for the game. This game is fun to play, I do plan to play this game more. You can probably wait for the full final release of the game as it is still in early access.

But you can still give it a try and take this journey on along with the developers and help them improve the game. You can provide your feedback on the game and check the community at

Arcadegeddon Tips and Tricks

Arcadegeddon hacks

Here are some easy tips and tricks which will help you throughout the game and make your Arcadegeddon journey fantastic.

  • Before a run check if there is a quest available. “Take It.” NPC’s in the lobby/hub provide you with challenges/quest.
  • Complete the selected quest/Challenge in a single run.
  • There are two gun slots at starting and third slot is activated later on.
  • Incinerator gun is good for close range and flame thrower for insane damage.
  • Guns which have ammo as ammo/-ve means you will not get more ammo of that gun in the run.
  • Early on melee weapon like baseball bat is usefull for having fun.
  • Hacks(in game feature) can be obtained through chests.
  • These Hacks will make you stronger and help you deal with extremely difficult enemies.
  • Glowing shootable objects doesn’t hurt you but hurts the enemy.
  • Fall damage is there for some jumps.
  • Your shield regenrates but your health doesn’t so if your shield runs out try to get out of encounter.
  • You can pay to heal yourself at the stations in game.
  • Your boss meter fills when you kills enemy and a pop up appears when your meter is filled to fight boss. It’s totally optional.
  • Looks for various chests, hacks and guns to strengthen your player inorder to complete your level.
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