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Armored Core 6: How to Fix Easy Anti Cheat Error (2023)

Armored Core 6, Fires of Rubicon which is mecha-based vehicular combat game which came out in 2023 just now, and is available to play on your favoirite devices PC as well as consoles. It is a good start of this game which makes the game really interesting for the players.

However there are some issues and errors in Armored Core 6 which is need to be addressed which are making the game little worse to play due to the errors. One of the very frustrating error players have been reported that the game stuck and does not opens.

The Error is Easy Anti Cheat Error in Armor Core 6 which makes the game like that it does not opens. So in this guide i will share you some fixes that you can apply or try to make this error disappear and let you play the game very smoothly without any interruption.

Armored Core 6 EAC Error

Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) is a third-party program that many game creators employ to combat cheating in online games. It works by monitoring the game’s memory and detecting attempts to modify it, preventing players from using cheats or hacks that give them an unfair advantage.

This is due to the fact that the simple anti-cheat associated with Armored Core 6 has not yet been upgraded to be completely compatible with Windows 11. It is precisely the Windows 11 feature known as Kernel Stack protection that interferes with easy anti-cheat.

Sometimes you may see many errors of the Easy anti cheat which can be fixed very easily, these are some steps and instructions that you must follow to fix this error.

How to Fix Armored Core 6 Easy Anti Cheat Error

To begin addressing EAC error in this game, you must first follow the steps that we have outlined in order to resolve all login errors in the game.

1) Disable Antivirus Temporarily

  • In Windows, navigate to the Start menu.
  • After entering Windows Security, press Enter.
  • Select Virus & Threat Protection from the left action bar.
  • After scrolling down to the Virus & Threat Protection choices, click Manage settings.
  • Click the toggle button under Real-time protection to temporarily disable Windows Defender Antivirus.
  • Select Yes to confirm the change if asked.

2) Reinstall Easy Anti Cheat Software

Before Reinstalling, make sure you completely uninstall the software first, to do so follow these steps below and after that follow the steps to install the software.

  • Open Windows Explorer and go to C:Program FilesEAAC.
  • To start the installation, double-click EAAntiCheat.installation.exe.
  • If you just want to uninstall it for one game, choose the game and click Uninstall.
  • If you wish to remove it from all EA games, select Uninstall All, which will delete all EA anticheat files from your computer except the installer.

After that, do the following –

  • Install the EA anti-cheat software.
  • If you’re using a desktop computer, the link will instantly download the installation to your browser.
  • Select the game to which you wish to apply EA anticheat.
  • Install should be clicked.

3) Disable Kernel-Mode Hardware-enforced Stack Protection

Make sure to note that kernel-mode is very important for your windows security, may not be very much useful to disable it, you can follow the steps below to disable it, or if you don’t want to do this, you can install the windows 10 which will also fix the problem.

  • Launch Windows Security.
  • On the left, click or tap Device security, and on the right, click or tap the Core isolation information link.
  • Turn on or off Kernel-mode Hardware-enforced Stack Protection as desired.
  • If UAC prompts you, click/tap Yes to accept.
  • To apply, restart the computer.

4) Verify the Game files Completely

  • Start the steam engine.
  • Go to your game collection.
  • Right-click the game and choose Properties.
  • Navigate to the Local Files tab.
  • Select the Verify the Integrity of Game Files option.
  • Restart the game after you’ve completed the preceding instructions.

5) Repair Easy Anti Cheat

  • Open Steam and look for the game in the library (the same as in the case of origin).
  • “Right click” on the game icon, then select “Manage” and then “Browse Local Files.”
  • Open the EasyAntiCheat folder.
  • Run EasyAntiCheat_setup.exe as administrator by right-clicking it.
  • In the bar, select the game.
  • Click on repair, then on finish.
  • Go to your C drive and open the program files x86 folder.
  • There, look for EasyAntiCheat and follow the steps outlined above. (Source: link)

Update Easy Anti Cheat

If anyone of the steps not working, maybe you should try updating the Easy anti cheat which can be done very easily and quick –

  • Download the latest and updated version of EAC fro here officially EasyAntiCheat.exe
  • EasyAntiCheat.exe should be copied to “C:Program Files (x86)EasyAntiCheat” (or “C:Program FilesEasyAntiCheat”). Taking the place of the current executable.
  • Start the game normally.
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