As Dusk Falls: How to Play Local & Online Multiplayer Co-Op

As Dusk Falls How to Play Local Online Multiplayer Co Op

As Dusk Falls is a 2022 narrative adventure game developed by Interior Night and published by Xbox Game Studios. Its gameplay centres on interactive storytelling and cutting-edge methods for determining player agreement on crucial plot decisions when playing cooperatively in its multiplayer modes. Its plot concerns “two families whose trajectories collide in the Arizona desert in 1999” and spans multiple generations.

How to Play Co Op


In As Dusk Falls, you can add your friends from the main menu to enjoy local coop and online coop games. You can also pause the game and go to the multiplayer lobby page by clicking “Add Players.”

There are 8 spots open for new players. Simply connect a new Xbox controller and press the “A” button to join a local co-op player. If there aren’t enough controllers for everyone, you can play using a smartphone and the “As Dusk Falls Companion App.” Simply install the app on your Android or iOS device and enter the join code in the lobby screen.

Further, you need to click “Go Online” in the menu to play multiplayer cooperative games.


Dusk Falls promises to deliver one of the best story games in recent years by offering the possibility to play games with 8 players through local multiplayer co-op and online coop. As Dusk Falls stands out thanks to its unique visuals and colour grading. The game’s emotions will stick in your mind for a lot longer than they do in other contemporary games because of the stop-motion style frames that allow you to fill in the blanks with your imagination.

On July 19, 2022, the game got released for PC, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One.

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