Assassin’s Creed Mirage | Find What I Stole Enigma Guide (Easy)

As a long-time fan of the Assassin’s Creed franchise, I was thrilled to get my hands on the latest entry, Assassin’s Creed Mirage. The game takes players back to 9th century Baghdad and follows the early adventures of fan-favorite character Basim.

Like previous titles, Mirage has some really challenging puzzles and riddles called Enigmas scattered throughout the world. One of the trickiest was the Find What I Stole Enigma located in the Harbiyah territory. After some serious head-scratching, I managed to crack it! Here’s my complete guide to solving the Find What I Stole Enigma in AC Mirage.

An Overview of the Find What I Stole Enigma

The Find What I Stole Enigma can be found just north of the Damascus Gate Prison in Harbiyah. The clues provided are: “Search the soap boilers, then look for the colorful fabrics from the heights.” I knew this meant I had to locate some soap boilers first.

Pinpointing the Location in Harbiyah

To solve this Enigma, I first traveled southeast to the Soap Boiler’s District in Harbiyah. This area has a bunch of soap workshops with large vats and cauldrons.

Next I had to get a bird’s eye view of the district. I used Basim’s trusty eagle companion Enkidu to get a vantage point from above. Circling the area, I focused my search on the southwest corner of the district.

Spotting the Colorful Fabrics

Scanning the streets below, I noticed some huge triangular colored fabrics spanning one of the corridors. These really stood out from the crowd! I immediately guessed these were the “colorful fabrics from the heights” mentioned in the Enigma.

Finding the Hidden Treasure

I marked the location of the fabrics on my map and quickly traversing the streets to reach them. Underneath the spanning fabrics, I found a small gazebo structure. Inside, a glowing spot on the ground marked the location of the hidden treasure.

After interacting with the spot, I solved the Enigma and unlocked the treasure – a cosmetic outfit dye I could use to customize Basim’s appearance!

Tips for Solving the Enigma

Through trial and error, I learned a few useful tips for cracking the Find What I Stole puzzle:

  • Scan the Soap Boiler’s District from above to spot clues quickly
  • Focus your search on the southwest corner of the district
  • Look for the huge colored fabric triangles spanning a corridor
  • The treasure is inside the gazebo below the fabrics

Final Thoughts on the Enigma

Solving the Find What I Stole Enigma in AC Mirage definitely took some deductive reasoning and eagle-eyed observation. I’m glad I took the time to decipher the clues instead of just looking up the solution. Figuring out where to search from the riddles and clues was immensely satisfying.

The Enigmas really add an extra layer of challenge and intrigue to the world exploration. As a long-time fan, unraveling these mysteries is just as rewarding for me as the main story quests. If you’re playing through Mirage, take your time to soak in the rich world and solve the Enigmas yourself – the payoff is so worth it! Just use this guide if you get really stuck. Happy treasure hunting!

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