Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: How to Defeat Nidhogg Easiest Way

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: The Forgotten Saga was released with much hype among the fans of the Assassin’s Creed series. This game is the twelfth instalment in the series and follows the same game style as the previous instalments.

It is a stealthy roleplaying game where the player has to play a campaign to get to the end of the game. The game is rich in Graphics and combat mechanics and obviously has the stealth factor which makes the whole Assassin’s Creed series a fan favourite.

AssasinCreed Valhalla

However many players have faced difficulty in achieving victory in a boss fight. The fight against Nidhogg is a massive dragon that spews toxins all over and is generally hard to defeat. The fight has been a cause of frustration for many gamers. This article here will tell you the easiest way to clear the boss fight and end your suffering.

Gear/Equipment to take into the fight.

  • The weapon Mjolnir will help a lot so if you get a chance to buy it from the vendors do it.
  • Use Dwarven Defender Set Max level for healing, it will help you to stay alive.
  • Build up Runes with Fire as it deals a lot of damage.
  • About Abilities, you can go with anything that has Fire. ( You can use your bow with fire)

How to defeat Nidhogg.

When the battle starts, you need to charge toward the dragon. Once you are close enough, You have to attack at its legs, the legs have their individual HP bars. When you are attacking it, The dragon will continue to spew toxins in the direction, move to a different place, fly away for a bit, etc. Beware not to get take damage or get attacked, wait for it the dragon to settle down.

On damaging all 4 legs the dragon will fall to the ground. You will have a free opening to deal damage to it. There will be a glowing spot around his neck area, under its head. On attacking that spot you will deal more damage. When the HP of Nidhogg falls below 50% it will soar above the ground this will start the second phase of the fight.

Assasincred nighogg

In the second phase, the attack pattern of the boss will change. You have to be wary of red spots on the ground, so get out if there if you see one. It will also shoot its toxin so be aware to dodge it as well. To deal damage you have to repeat the same process – the damage its legs, and when it falls damage the neck and you’ll clear the fight.

Things to remember.

The things to remember for this boss fight are :

  • Try to deal or go for Fire Damage as it deals more damage. An Ice Damage build can also work but it will deal less damage than fires one
  • Try to remember the boss attack patterns and plan your gameplay accordingly.
  • The extra damage is dealt to the glowing part under the head when the dragon is knocked down.

A video by the YouTuber AfterGames has shown the perfect example of how to clear the boss easily.The video has walkthrough gameplay on how to beat it. To get more guides and news follow Future Gaming.
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