Back 4 Blood Tips and Tricks (Full Guide)

With beta closed, we came across various new things which we thought help new players on their Back 4 Blood Journey. These tips will improve your Back 4 Blood experience, help you understand the game environment, and fight tough infected opponents easily.

Every fan of Left 4 dead, this new thrilling franchise is by its developers. Back 4 Blood is a first-person cooperative shooter where you are at war with the Ridden. Humans have turned into beasts and terrifying creatures hunting down human civilization.

Back 4 Blood is developed by Turtle Rock Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. It will release on Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on October 12, 2021.

Tip 1: Learn about Game Modes

back 4 blood guide tips tricks campaign multiplayer


Complete the story in a dynamic 4 players co-op campaign. To survive, you must complete various challenging tasks.

You can play with 3 friends for a better co-op experience, or you can jump straight in solo to lead a team and to face the challenges yourself on this thrilling journey.


In this multiplayer mode, you can hop in with your friends for a PvP battle. Here, players switch/select between cleaners and the infected ridden.

Each side comes with its unique class of weapons, having there own unique abilities and perks.

Tip 2: Go through Staging Area, Corruption Card, Active Cards

back 4 blood guide tips tricks staging are corruption active card

The staging area is basically where you select your equipment and load out for whatever character you’ve picked. This contains weapons and other utilities required for the mission.

The Director dealt you corruption cards. These corruption cards are like modifiers to the mission that make the mission a bit more difficult.

What they basically do is sometimes spawn extra enemies or change various aspects of the game environment. Cards can be used to boost your character’s performance.

Corruption Cards

Players can pick one of the three cards provided by the director. There are ten of these cards. These cards individually increase game difficulty.

Shambling Ridden SwarmA common infected Ridden.
RiddenA common infected Ridden.
RunnersA common infected Ridden.
SprintersA common infected Ridden.
Jogger SwarmA common infected Ridden.
BruisersA tallboy boss-type smashes the cleaners.
RetchesThey are vomiter and exploder Ridden.
HockersThey attack cleaners through the melee and other similar attacks.
OgreShoot on the flesh part to take down this 20 feet tall ridden.
GloomA fog appears in the area.

Active Cards

These are perks to the players to have an additional advantage to fight the ridden. There were 61 active cards in the beta:

  • 18 “reflex” cards;
  • 17 “discipline” cards;
  • 13 “brawn” cards;
  • 13 “fortune” cards.

Tip 3: Get the Right Gun and equipment

back 4 blood guide tips tricks weapons

Back 4 Blood includes a variety of weapons. Primary weapons include Assault rifles, Submachine guns, Shotguns, Light machine guns, Sniper rifles. Secondary weapons include sidearm and melee weapons.

For close-range counter, the best weapons are Uzi, 870 Express, TAC14. For long-range, M1A is the best sniper. For all ranged attacks, you can use AK47, M16, M4 Carbine.

Sidearms and melee weapons can replace close-range weapons but will not be as effective as above mentioned ones. But these weapons can be helpful in crucial moments like no ammo, reload, or no other weapon.

Pre-order Back 4 Blood to get Fort Weapons Elite weapon skins. This pack has skins for M4 Carbine, Uzi SMG, 870 Express shotgun, and RPK LMG.

Tip 4: How the game difficulty changes

back 4 blood guide tips tricks director

The Director, an AI, is responsible for modifying the game difficulty. He keeps monitoring your performance and then modifies the difficulty based on how well you are playing. If you perform better, then the AI tries to make things harder for you.

To provide a better game experience, the director provides you with exciting fights, new game variety, and tougher versions of the ridden.

Tips 5: Understanding Monster Types

back 4 blood guide tips tricks  all boss

There are six categories of monsters in this game. They are :

The Ridden

The ridden are the normal human versions of zombies affected by the Devil Worm parasite, which breaks out worldwide. They have less intelligence and attack any unaffected human being and make them infected.


Hags are from the boss class of ridden. They are powerful as other boss-ridden. Be careful with their hands that come out of their mouth, drag the cleaners, and kill them instantly. They are bigger than normal ridden and defeat them to get a special reward.


Ogres are 20 feet tall, boss class of mutated ridden. They are composed of dead bodies with a large amount of health and can restore themselves. They can grab you easily if you get close to them, and they can also throw objects.

The best option is to run from them, as they are slow. You can kill them for the bonus. You can do damage to them with a good amount of grenades.


Breaker is similar to tanks from Left 4 Dead. They come charging at you, and if you get hit, you will easily lose a good amount of health if you don’t die instantly.

They have larger sizes, but their attacks can be dodged if you took the right action at the right time.


Tallboy is special ridden which have their right arms and shoulder grown. They use this as their primary weapon for dealing damage.

At close range, attack they deal large damage to your health. They use attacks like overhead smash attacks. To defeat them, aim at their right arm’s weak spot.


Whenever you see a bloated ridden, that is a Reeker. They move slow but explode after their death. Its close-range attack can be deadly.

They use melee attacks and death blow attacks as their primary attack. To defeat them, shoot at their bloated area from long range.

Follow These Tips On Your Back 4 Blood Journey and Defeat Opponents easily.

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