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Baldur’s Gate 3 Best Cleric Build (Complete Guide)

In this article, we will discuss the finest Cleric build in Baldur’s Gate 3. Simply follow the steps outlined below, and you’ll be set to go.

Cleric build:

baldurs gate cleric

Clerics in Baldur’s Gate 3 choose their Domain during Character Creation and for this build. The problem with Clerics in Early Access is their go-to Cantrip for damage: Sacred Flame has a terrible hit chance a large portion of the time. So unlike Warlocks, who use Eldritch Blast, and Wizards, who use something like Fire Bolt, Clerics have no reliable way to deal damage with Spells every round unless they use their Spells Slots.


You will have a lot of Wisdom, so selecting a Background that affects Wisdom Skills is a good choice. Wisdom Skills are Animal Handling, Insight, Medicine, Perception, and Survival.


wood elf stats

The race that seems to go well with this build seems to be Wood Elf because it provides Dexterity and Wisdom while also providing the Longbow Proficiency.


You will benefit from high Dexterity and Wisdom, so selecting Skills that fall under these Abilities is ideal. Dexterity has Acrobatics, Sleight of Hand, and Stealth.

Level 1:

guiding bolt

Cleric Cantrips:

Cantrips are essentially Level 0 “Spells” you can cast at will, and they don’t take up Spell Slots, so they have infinite uses while still allowing you to cast your other Cleric Spells. Sacred Flame is your damage-dealing Cantrip, and it generally has terrible accuracy because it targets the Dexterity of enemies.

The Guidance Cantrip is also worth grabbing because it can be used before Lockpicking or dialogues to help influence the outcomes by adding 1-4 to your rolls.

Level 2:

At Level 2, you’ll gain an additional Level 1 Spell Slot, allowing you to cast one more Level 1 Spell before you must Long Rest to replenish them. And you will increase the number of Spells you can prepare from 3 to 5, allowing you more options while on the landscape and in combat.

Level 3:

radiance of the dawn

At Level 3, you’ll gain another Level 1 Spell Slot, as well as 2 Level 2 Spell Slots. Light Domain Clerics also gain Darkvision, Scorching Ray, Aid, and Lesser Restoration as Domain Spells that never need to be prepared.

Darkvision is a great way to keep your hit chance up in dark places or make another party member have the same benefit. It is semi-permanent once cast, only being removed upon Long Rest.

Level 4:

At Level 4, you’ll gain another Level 2 Spell Slot, You’ll also gain a Feat, and here we’ll select the Ability Improvement Feat, placing both points into Wisdom. This will give your Spells a total of +6 added to their rolls between your Wisdom Modifier (+4) and proficiency (+2), making it even more likely you will hit your target.

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Mansur Jurabi

Mansur is part time gamer and part time chicken nugget enthusiast. He loves putting in his time in RPG's like Skyrim. He claims that he gets all of his energy and inspiration from one man and one man only. He is linked below.

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