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Baldur’s Gate 3 Best Druid Build (Complete Guide) 2022

In this article, we will let you know about the best build for the druid in Baldur’s Gate 3. Simply follow the guide given below and you are good to go.

Druid build:

wood elf race

Druids are Divine Spellcasters that cast damaging spells and heal and shape different creatures via their Wild Shape Class Feature. Wild shape is what sets the Druid apart from other Classes. They can change into seven different animals, including Dire Wolf, Raven, Badger, Polar Bear, Cat, Deep Rothe, Spider, and Aberrant Intellect Devourer.


It is recommended to take one that provides you Wisdom Skills since Druids need a good amount of this ability to hit targets with their Spells. These are Animal Handling, Insight, Medicine, Perception, and Survival. Ideally, you’d have all 5 of these if possible, but you’re more likely to get 3 out of 5.


The one that seems to work best for this class is Gold Dwarf. Not only does it provide +1 Wisdom, which allows you to get to 16 Wisdom during Character Creation, but it also gives you +2 Constitution, which increases your HP when not using Wild Shape, and allows you to pass Concentration checks more easily should you get hit while Concentrating on a spell.


It is ideal to have high Dexterity and Wisdom, so selecting Skills that fall under these Abilities is ideal. Dexterity has Acrobatics, Sleight of Hand, and Stealth.
Have high Dexterity and Wisdom, so selecting Skills that fall under these Abilities is ideal. Dexterity has Acrobatics, Sleight of Hand, and Stealth.

druid ability scores

Druid Level 1:

There are a few good Cantrips the Druid can use. Some of them are listed below.

Thorn Whip:

This deals damage and pulls enemies towards you. This is great for fights that include elevation. It allows the Druid to pull enemies down from below, removing the Advantage of the target and sometimes flinging them a long-distance downward, which can damage or kill enemies.


Since you already should have dumped Strength. This is a great way to boost your melee damage. Druids do melee sometimes, so it’s nice to have.

Produce Flame:

This not only deals damage but also creates light around the target struck. This allows you and party members to strike those in the light easily.

Level 2:

Druids in Baldur’s Gate 3 get to choose a Subclass otherwise known as a “Circle” at Level 2. The 2 Subclasses they can choose from are our Circle of the Land and Circle of the Moon.

Circle of the Land:

This allows the Druid an additional Cantrip and replenishes some Spells once per Long Rest.

Circle of the Moon:

Druids have a heavier focus on the Wild Shape ability, allowing them to use it as a Bonus Action in combat. This allows them to transform, move and attack all in the same turn, something Circle of the Land Druids cannot do.

Level 3:

At Level 3, you’ll gain another Level 1 Spell Slot, two Level 2 Spell Slots, and you’ll gain access to Level 2 Druid Spells. There are a lot of great Spells here. It is recommended to take Enhance Ability, Spike Growth, Moonbeam, and Heat Metal.

Enhance Ability:

This allows you to grant an Advantage on checks related to one ability, as well as some other effects in certain cases. This is a fantastic way to improve checks like Perception, or perhaps in dialogue with Intimidation or Persuasion, to get the outcome you want.

Spike Growth:

This allows you to control a large battlefield space with thorns that slow creatures and damage them if they move through it. It can be invaluable when you are outnumbered.


This hits for 2d10 Radiant Damage in a small AoE that persists on the ground after it’s cast, dealing damage every round. And what’s great about this ability is that you can spend an Action to move this AoE up to 18m.
Heat Metal:
This allows you to deal 2d8 Fire Damage to a target wielding a metal Weapon. In addition, it gives them a Disadvantage on Attack Rolls and Ability Checks until your next turn.

Level 4:

At Level 4, you’ll gain another Level 2 Spell Slot, as well as another Cantrip. Additionally, you can pick a Feat. It is recommended to take Ability Improvement to get to 18 in Wisdom.

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