Batora: Lost Haven Lag Fix, Boost FPS, Stutter & Performance

An upcoming game for the Nintendo Switch and already available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and of course, Microsoft Windows, Batora: Lost Haven is the latest entry from Team17 and the second major project for Stormind Games.

Releasing on 20th October 2022, Batora: Lost Haven features an Interplanetary Sci-Fi Action RPG with curious stories, inhabitants, and mysteries for our protagonist, Avril, to uncover. Filled with a story-driven plot and choices to make, Avril is burdened with the task of saving her hometown, Lost Haven from enemies while being gifted with extraordinary powers.

In this article, we will discuss the lag fixes for Batora: Lost Haven, and the best way to boost FPS and Performance in this game. For more content regarding Lag Fixes and FPS boosts, visit our Error Fixes, and Guides Tabs.

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Source: Steam

Batora: Lost Haven Lag and FPS Drop Fix

Make sure to follow the list below for fixing lag and FPS drops occurring in Batora: Lost Haven. This is a curated and well-researched list which works for most AAA and Indie titles.

  • Restart the game and try to run it via “Run as Administrator”
  • Reduce your overclocking of the CPU and GPU
  • Close all Background Applications before playing the game
  • Disable Overlay Applications
  • Try turning the Game Bar ON
  • Enable Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling
  • Try turning off your Antivirus (NOT FOR PIRATED VERSION)
  • Try Troubleshooting the Compatibility of the game
  • Update your Windows and Nvidia/AMD/Intel Graphics Driver
  • Run System File Check by Running the command “sfc /scannow” in CMD via run as administrator
  • Try disabling the Onboard Sound Device
  • Try doing an Antivirus Scan for the entire computer
  • Download a Disk Drive Scanner and search for Bad Sectors
  • Try checking if the GPU and CPU are getting enough power
  • A clear cache by deleting files from the temp and prefetch folder. Just run by using the Win+R shortcut key and type %temp%, temp, and prefetch in order to delete the files inside these folders
  • Try changing the DPI settings to make the gameplay more stable
  • Make sure to install the game on an SSD as it is much faster than a Hard Disk
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Source: Steam

Batora: Lost Haven Performance Boost Guide

These tips are crucial for running any kind of application smoothly:

  • Disable Startup Applications which are not required.
  • Change your Windows Power Settings to “High Performance
  • Shut Off Windows Tricks and Tips (Notifications Bar)
  • Stop OneDrive from synching
  • Turn Off Search Indexing
  • Defragment your Hard Drive
  • Open Task Manager and make the application “High Priority” by right-clicking it
batora lost haven13
Source: Steam

These were a few tips for fixing lag and optimizing your PC for the maximum FPS and good Performance in Batora: Lost Haven. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep yourself updated on gaming, tech, and more topics.

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