Battlefield 2042: Best M5A3 & AK24 Loadout (Assualt Rifle)

best loadout for bf2042

Battlefield 2042 weapons are different from all the FPS shooters out there. It’s hard for people to control the weapon recoil with different scopes and attachments. There are a lot of weapons in the game, but this topic is focused on assault rifles.

In this guide, I will tell you to best loadout for the M5A3 & AK24 weapon. Both of these assault rifles are very powerful and are suitable for long and short-range fights. It’s hard for many players to determine what loadout is best because having a better loadout can improve your chances of surviving in a fight.

Best Assault Rifle Loadout for M5A3

Best Assault Rifle Loadout for M5A3

Copy all of the weapons stats shown below to start dominating, or you can read everything about the attachments.

  • Firepower: 55
  • Accuracy: 65
  • Range: 65
  • Handling: 42

Standard Issue: The Standard Issue can increase the size of your magazine. This is a perfect attachment because the more bullets you have, the better you can win the fight. Sometimes you can miss shots while firing. That’s when this attachment comes in handy.

Maul Hybrid 1.5-3X: The best part about this attachment is that you can get two scopes. You can quickly switch between those scopes. The 1.5X is better than 3X because it is suitable for both long-range and short-range fights. At the same time, the 3X is only ideal for long-range flights.

Extended Barrel: The Extended barrel can improve the range of your assault rifle by a great distance. Using this attachment is suitable for short and long-range.

Cobra Grip: This attachment helps you to improve the accuracy and reduce the recoil of your weapon. The lesser the recoil, the easy the kill.

Best Assault Rifle Loadout for AK-24

Best Assault Rifle Loadout for AK-24

Copy the settings are given below. Many pro players of Battlefield 2042 use this loadout. I will suggest you give it a try.

  • Firepower: 52
  • Accuracy: 51
  • Range: 62
  • Handling: 48

K8-Holo: This sight is one of my favourite sights you can also see this sight in rainbow six sieges. I have used this loadout for Ak-24, and it’s so overpowered. I will suggest you try this sight. It’s suitable for short to medium-range fights.

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